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MSC Extended

Discover our North American and Bahamian cargo protection solution

Your cargo is our top concern.
With MSC Extended Protection, you gain peace of mind that the value of your shipment is protected against accidental damage during its journey with us.

MSC understands the financial and emotional stress caused by cargo loss or damage. We designed our Extended Protection solution to provide you with the widest possible coverage for maritime and inland transportation.

Our solution includes tailor-made rates and no hidden costs, applies from warehouse-to-warehouse to anything in between, and has limited restrictions in terms of the nature of the cargo or geographical considerations.

In case of damage to your cargo, MSC Extended Protection will provide a speedy, efficient, and simplified claims procedure supported by an MSC dedicated Claims team.

Cargo transportation does not come without risks. If the worst happens, make sure you are fully covered with MSC Extended Protection.

Why choose MSC Extended Protection?

 We're always on your side. At MSC, we believe that providing customers with peace of mind is a vital part of our job. That is why we apply a personalized one-stop-shop approach to MSC Extended Protection.

MSC Extended Protection is available for both spot shipments and volume contracts. We tailor our quotations according to your needs, cargo, and chosen mode of transportation without hidden costs. From competitive tariffs to handling any eventual claim, you can rely on our local offices to make the process as quick and simple as possible.

Wide Scope & Easy Pricing procedure

MSC Extended Protection supports a broad range of transportation solutions, from warehouse-to-warehouse to anything in between, including port-to-port, door-to-port, etc.

MSC Extended Protection is available for reefers and dry containers with a high value limit.

Beginning with your initial MSC Extended Protection quotation, we aim to minimize your time commitment.
The rates charged for MSC Extended Protection are tailor-made to your needs and to the specificities of your cargo.
The rate is calculated efficiently and without hidden costs. The applicable charge will be manifested on your freight invoice.

Did you know?
MSC Extended protection is available for any shipment to or from the USA, Canada and Bahamas.


An additional layer of protection for your cargo

MSC Extended Protection covers a wide range of cargoes and offers a supplemental layer of protection for your cargo for accidental damage during its journey with us.


Loss or damage to cargo due to:
● Fire
● Stranding, grounding, sinking, collision
● Heavy weather events
● Acts of God/natural events
● Wetting damage (hole in container roof allowing water infiltration)
● Stevedore mishandling
● Thefts & pilferage
● Costs for sue and labor caused by the above


Not Covered
Loss or damage to cargo due to:
● Geopolitical events (sanctioned countries; persons or goods; seizures or arrests; riots; strikes; warlike operations; terrorism; weapons; cyber-risks, and similar events)
● Delays
● Insufficient or improper packaging
● Loss or damage attributable to the willful misconduct of the shipper, consignee, or other merchant
● Ordinary leakage, loss in weight, wear, and tear
● Inherent defect, quality, or vice
● Temperature or atmospheric pressure changes

Warranty waiver form
Easy claims  process

At MSC, we aim to minimize the impact of the claim process by offering a straightforward procedure with:

● Fewer documents needed to submit an Extended Protection claim
● Simplified, efficient, and easy processing
● Local point of contact

The handling of your cargo claims will be directly taken care of by MSC through a fast-track procedure that relies on three main elements:
● Easy processing
● The support of a dedicated Claims team
● Survey by a surveyor appointed by MSC

We aim to conclude all Extended Protection claims within a 30-day average period, running from completed submission.

For additional details concerning MSC Extended Protection

including important procedures, time requirements, cargo and geographical exclusions and restrictions, and inapplicable causes, please see our Extended Protection General Terms and Conditions. For additional information, please see our FAQs  or contact your MSC representative.