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Liquid Cargo

Your experts for transporting liquid cargo worldwide

Transporting liquids around the world requires high-quality equipment and specialist expertise.

MSC Liquid Cargo Solutions provides a single point of contact for your liquids supply chain. Our complete package of in-house services covers all your needs, including flexibag supply and fitting.
Flexi-bags are a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to other liquid transportation methods. These recyclable silk bags allow you to fill 20’ dry containers with up to 24,000 litres of liquid cargo.
  • Complete end-to-end service
  • In-house experts
  • Top-quality equipment
Global connectivity from ocean to inland
Because our liquid cargo solutions are fully connected to our ocean and intermodal network, we can deliver efficient door-to-door transportation all over the world. Our port and depot network includes key hubs for flexibag installation in Europe, as well as major liquid cargo production regions, from South America to the Middle East. We also have offices in all of the major exporting and receiving countries.
Flexibag equipment and expertise
We work with an accredited supplier to provide the highest quality of flexibags. Suitable for a wide range of cargo types and volumes, these recyclable bags are made from food-grade virgin polyethylene film with premium woven silk and a polypropylene outer layer for extra flexibility and strength. Our in-house experts carefully fit and secure each one at our dedicated fitting stations, using our own modern equipment.
End-to-end efficiency for your liquid supply chain
By choosing MSC liquid cargo solutions, you can reduce the number of parties involved in your supply chain. This results in greater efficiency, lower costs and reduced road miles. Product liability insurance is also included in our end-to-end service.
Inner liner and thermal liner fitting
  • Inner liners are a cost-effective and flexible alternative to bulk carriers. They help prevent cargo contamination and simplify the supply chain for dry bulk goods such as sugar, grains, cacao or plastic granulates.
  • Thermal liners help keep sensitive cargo dry, odourless and safe from temperature disruptions during transit.

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Liquid Cargo FAQs

What are flexibags?
Also known as flexitanks, flexibags allow customers to fill dry 20’ containers with up to 24,000 litres of liquid cargo. They offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to other liquid bulk cargo transportation methods, with less packaging than conventional drums.
What type of cargo can flexibags carry?

Flexibags can hold a wide range of liquid cargo, including:

- Soft drinks such as fruit juice/concentrate or mineral water
- Alcoholic beverages such as wine and flat beer
- Various types of oil, e.g., cooking oil and vegetable oil
- Non-hazardous chemicals, e.g., glycerine or lubricants

Flexibags cannot be used to carry:

- Hazardous chemicals

What are the benefits of flexibags compared to ISO tank containers?

Flexibags are generally a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to ISO tanks (cylindrical metal containers held inside a steel frame). This is because they can be installed inside any 20’ container that meets the relevant quality standards, with no need for cleaning or repositioning.

Not sure which option is best for your cargo? Speak to your local MSC team for help.

Are MSC's liquid cargo solutions available in my country?
You can find our liquid cargo solutions at a growing number of MSC-owned depots around the world. 
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