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Our purpose
We connect the world, fostering inclusive social prosperity and economic growth, whilst respecting and nurturing the home we all share, our blue planet.

MSC has a unique approach to sustainability, which is firmly embedded across our business and reflected in all that we do. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, our Sustainability Roadmap and three Sustainability Priorities guide progress along our journey as we deliver on our commitments.

Our Sustainability Roadmap

MSC sustainability roadmap

Our Sustainability Priorities

MSC sustainability priorities

Enabling Logistics Decarbonisation

Climate action is a global imperative, requiring collective action as we navigate the energy transition. As a leading company, MSC has a crucial role to play in decarbonising logistics. Collaboration across the supply and value chain is key to enable the investments needed to decarbonise as well as accelerate solutions at scale.

We enable logistics decarbonisation by aiming for carbon neutrality; supporting logistics transition solutions; and maintaining a focus on energy efficiency.

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Fostering Inclusive Trade

The global economy relies on transport and logistics to enable trade, generating growth and social prosperity. MSC is in a unique position to create value by connecting local communities, facilitating access to a global market and supporting customers through resilient and disruption-free supply chains.


We foster inclusive trade by contributing to economic growth; building resilience across the global value chain; and developing local capacity and know-how. 

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Addressing Social Challenges

We live in an interconnected world where the business of global companies connects and brings prosperity to people and societies. Advancing human rights and ensuring a just transition to a zero-carbon economy are at the heart of MSC business. Our social impact extends beyond our diverse workforce and includes our business partners with whom we work to build a sustainable supply network.


We address social challenges by advancing human rights; promoting diversity, equity and inclusion; and engaging our supply chain.

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