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Scale and knowledge ideal for plastics and rubber industries

Transported to and from every major trade lane, plastic and rubber goods are at the very centre of most modern global supply chains and come in all shapes and sizes, from raw materials to finished items.


From natural polymers to petrochemical derivatives and thermoplastics, these commodities are essential to the manufacture, processing or packaging of products across countless other industries. What’s more, the management of plastic/rubber by-products, recyclables and scrap materials is a substantial industry in itself.


Successfully servicing this colossal need requires a global-scale shipping and logistics operation, not to mention expert knowledge of the sector. That’s why so many of the world’s leading plastic and rubber companies choose MSC as their transport partner.

  • Reliable and well-maintained equipment
  • Specially trained experts
  • Global coverage
  • Fast and reliable transit times
 MSC Turkey employee