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From plantation to port and beyond.

Count on us for your Banana Shipments

Bananas often travel thousands of miles before they reach their destination, sometimes spending up to four weeks on the move. Keeping these fragile fruits fresh throughout their journey requires careful handling and meticulous temperature control.

  • Controlled atmosphere

  • Vent Settings

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

Did you know?

The ideal temperature for transporting bananas is 13.3-14.4°C.

Tailored to your Supply Chain

Our shipping routes cover the world’s top banana-producing regions, including Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Philippines. Thanks to our flexible approach, we adapt our capacity (plugs and equipment) to meet the dynamics of the bananas peak season.

Through our extensive inland transportation network, we also offer customised end-to-end solutions that can be adapted according to your needs. The result: a flexible and reliable service, all year round.

Cutting-edge Reefer Technology

Bananas are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity, as well as transit times: if conditions are too warm, they will ripen too quickly, while cold temperatures can cause dark chilling spots and other damage. To keep your fruit in the best possible condition, our world-leading reefer fleet features the latest temperature control technology, as well as vent settings to optimise air circulation.

Our integrated Controlled Atmosphere (CA) helps slow down the ripening by removing ethylene and regulating O2 and CO2 to keep bananas green and fresher for longer.

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Friendly, Professional Support

Our worldwide team of more than 1,000 reefer experts is available to support you throughout the shipping process. With more than five decades of experience in transporting fruit, we specialise in creating tailor-made end-to-end solutions to meet each customer's needs.

We get to know each customer’s requirements, so that we can tailor our services to your needs.

Go Further

Looking for inland transportation or support with customs paperwork? We’ve got you covered.

  • Cutting-edge
    reefer technology

  • MSC Cargo Insurance

  • Customs clearance support