At MSC, we have a strong commitment to ensure the safe, sustainable and responsible recycling of our ships at the end of their operational life.

We recognise our industry’s end-of-life challenges and are committed to promoting the respect for labour and human rights and supporting the welfare of our supply chain partners, including those working at the yards where MSC ships are recycled. We take recycling into consideration throughout all stages of a ship’s lifecycle – from newbuildings to operations to dismantling – and incorporate circular economy principles wherever possible.

When an MSC-owned ship reaches the end of its operational life, we seek to make a positive contribution by supporting the local ship recycling industry. In addition to enabling the livelihoods of people working at shipyards, ship recycling-related activities generate local economic growth, with surrounding communities benefiting from local business activity related to the sale of recycled materials. We are also engaging with other stakeholders to improve conditions at shipyards to promote a safe and responsible ship recycling industry, including participation in European Union delegation visits to Alang, India.

We monitor our ships throughout their operational life and conduct annual audits and vetting of shipyards to inform decision-making as our ships approach end-of-life. During the dismantling process, MSC receives regular reports from the shipyard to ensure safe working conditions and practices, as well as proper waste management and handling of all hazardous materials.

When we recycle, the process is conducted in accordance with the MSC Ship Recycling Policy, which stipulates the selection of shipyards that are certified compliant with the technical provisions of the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. In cases where an MSC vessel is sold for further trading, we require that the buyer undertakes safe and environmentally sound recycling practices according to the standards of the Hong Kong Convention.

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