Accurate information on the carbon footprint of your cargo transportation.

MSC is committed to further reducing emissions and supporting sustainable practices that flow throughout the supply chain. MSC Carbon Calculator allows our customers to measure and understand the carbon footprint of their cargo transportation.

With the Carbon Calculator, you can now easily keep track of your carbon footprint as part of the broader efforts to manage emissions and decarbonise supply chains.

MSC Carbon Calculator follows the recommended "Clean Cargo" guidelines and is based on the latest values of MSC’s 2020 scorecard. The standard calculation for the sea transport on every trade lane provides results for the Tank-to-Wake (TTW) CO2 emissions based on 70% utilization of the vessel. The CO2 equivalent (CO2e) combined Well-to-Wake (WTW) lifecycle emissions are available on demand.

The intermodal results (Truck/Train/Barge) are based on the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2020

For more information or for a more extensive calculation, please contact: