MSC Carbon Calculator
Understand the carbon footprint of your supply chain.

As a vital part of our customers’ supply chains, MSC has a key role to play in the energy transition. We are committed to collaborating across the value chain through collective action as we navigate our journey to net zero.

The MSC Carbon Calculator provides an estimate of the life cycle (‘well-to-wake’) CO2e emissions for ocean freight shipments, helping customers understand the carbon footprint of their supply chains (Scope 3).


The MSC Carbon Calculator uses the input data to identify the relevant service(s) and the distance between ports, using MSC fleet consumption data to generate the average Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) and multiplying this by the distance and cargo (TEU/tonnes) to estimate the well-to-wake CO2e emissions.

The methodology used for the MSC Carbon Calculator is based on international guidance including IMO guidelines on the carbon intensity of international shipping (MEPC.1/Circ.684) for tank-to-wake, and the EU Renewable Energy Directive (EU/2023/2413) for well-to-wake emission factors. The global warming potential for non-CO2 greenhouse gases is based on the 5th assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (AR5).

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