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MSC plays a strategic role in enabling global trade and connecting economies, producers and consumers

Fostering Inclusive Trade

Enabling connection of local economies and fostering open and inclusive trade drives our investments, supports market accessibility and contributes to value generation. Sustainable development is inspiring our decision-making process as it is instrumental to securing organic growth and delivering support through global disruptions. We will increase our commitment to intermodal logistic solutions along the whole supply chain to better support our customers.
Keeping the world connected
MSC plays a strategic role in enabling global trade and connecting economies, producers and consumers. We create shared value by driving the growth of local economies and the small- and medium-sized businesses who rely on us to connect and facilitate trade at the national, regional and global levels. We collaborate with our partners and contribute to sustainable supply chains, building capacities and supporting local communities.
Delivering end-to-end logistics demands strong partnerships across the value chain, particularly at times of disruption and unprecedented logistics challenges. In 2021 MSC was proud to join the ongoing global effort to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and related medical equipment, under the World Economic Forum Supply Chain and Transport Industry Charter in support of UNICEF and COVAX Vaccine Distribution

How MSC is fostering inclusive trade: highlights from the 2020 Sustainability Report 

  • The expertise that MSC has gained through more than 50 years of operation, as well as our resilience and agility, enables business continuity in the face of global challenges. We connect local economies and businesses and facilitate trade at the national, regional and global levels.
  • MSC demonstrated its adaptability to changing market requirements by rerouting vessels to address port restrictions, launching new services from Asia to the US East Coast and the US West Coast, optimising transit times and reducing congestions in main ports and improving connectivity between Asia and West Africa.
  • MEDLOG was awarded ‘Logistic Solution of the Year’ at the Seatrade Maritime Awards International 2020 for its innovative multimodal solution in Nigeria.
  • MSC maintained its focus and ongoing investment in the development of our people and supporting the communities in which we operate.
  • The establishment of our new MSC Technology Centre reflects highlights how we invest in technology – including digitalisation and logistics process automation – in order to continuously improve the efficiency and resilience of our operations.

MSC issues an annual Sustainability Report to capture progress on our sustainability journey

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