The smart way to transfer your Bills of Lading

No more paperwork, postage costs, delays or disruption.
Simply transfer the eBL with one click.

Physically moving important trade documents between exporters, shipping agents, banks, importers and other parties is a complex and costly process, which can lead to delays and disruption. Fortunately, the electronic Bill of Lading or eBL now offers a more efficient, secure and sustainable digital alternative.

  • Secure blockchain-based platform
  • Faster document handling
  • Paperless solution


MSC’s eBL solution is offered via WAVE BL's digital courier platform. All data is secured and encrypted by blockchain technology, and every document or signature is verified and authenticated. This means that there is minimal risk of document loss, forgery or fraud.

Did you know?
You can send an eBL in minutes, while sending a paper BL takes 14 days on average.

Simple & convenient

Amend, endorse, surrender or transfer your eBL at any time, from anywhere, via the WAVE BL platform.

Setting up an account is quick and easy, and we can organise online training sessions for you and your team if needed.


Switching from paper BLs to eBLs enables you to streamline your workflows, without disrupting existing processes speeding up payment times. Reducing your administrative workload and eliminating courier or postage fees can also lead to cost savings.


MSC eBL helps you and your business partners to save time, reduce costs and take another step towards your sustainability goals.

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