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Dried Fruit and Nuts

Fast, flexible support, from the packing facility to the final destination

  • Wide range of equipment
  • Global coverage
  • Dedicated VIP desk for dried fruit and nut exporters in Houston
Customer support
Every single journey we organise for our customers’ cargoes receives the highest level of attention and expertise. Our highly-experienced teams take huge pride in supporting each step of the export process, from guiding customers through country-specific procedures, to helpfully advising on shipment preparation.
Dried fruit and nut exporters can benefit from the support of our a dedicated ‘DFN’ VIP desk in Houston, Texas.

A global reach
Our global sea and inland networks connect exporters to the world’s most important trade centres from the port of Oakland, the key hub for US producers of dried fruit and nuts. This includes a reliable weekly sailing service between Oakland and European ports.
Services designed to maximise quality and shelf life
Dried fruits and nuts require meticulous care to preserve their freshness, taste and texture. MSC’s green, modern, and efficient container fleet enables us to safely handle, stow and transport a range of dry and food-grade cargo to keep your dried fruit and nuts in perfect condition throughout their entire journey.

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