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Shipping in America

Divided into two continents, North and South America, shipping in America is vastly different depending on which part of the Western Hemisphere you’re shipping your cargo to or from.

Whether you’re shipping from America to Europe, or from North to South America, it’s vital to work with a shipping company that understands the differences between the two continents and can offer your business the dedicated services it needs to successfully connect with global markets.

MSC have offices in over 20 countries across the American continent. If you’re looking for a shipping company in America, working with our team means you’ll have access to a full portfolio of solutions that can be customised to meet your specific business needs. Equally, you can also take advantage of our global coverage along with the experience and scale to safely transport your goods around the world.

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America Shipping: our Key Offerings

Our presence across America means we can offer a variety of shipping solutions customised to the country you’re shipping from or to. However, regardless of whether you’re shipping from Mexico, Paraguay, or Canada, our team will work to offer you the best solution for your business.

Our key American shipping solutions include:

  • Inland Transportation

  • Digital business

  • Dedicated customer support team

  • Fast and reliable transit times

  • Tailor Made Approach

Shipping in North America

North America boasts a diverse climate and thriving natural resource industries, including agriculture, forestry, mining, and drilling. The agricultural sector is marked by extensive cultivation of crops such as corn, fruit, cocoa, soybeans, and wheat, alongside significant livestock production. Forestry operations contribute to a significant portion of the continent’s economy, with businesses focusing on managing and exporting vast forested areas.

The mining sector extracts valuable resources like coal, gold, and copper, which are then shipped across the globe. Additionally, drilling activities in North America encompass oil and natural gas exploration, particularly in regions like the Permian Basin and Alberta's oil sands. These industries collectively play pivotal roles in the continent's economy, supporting employment and exports, and contributing to the global supply chain.

This array of industries will each require different shipping solutions which is why it’s important to work with a shipping company in America that understands these different requirements and can offer dedicated support.

Whether you’re involved in forestry, agriculture, or mining, collaborating with a shipping company that has access to all major North American shipping ports means you’ll be able to expand your geographical reach and connect with an array of companies from around the world.

Shipping in South America

Extending from an equatorial zone in the north to a narrower sub-arctic area in the south, South America also has a range of climatic temperatures that make it rich in natural resources. The coffee industry in South America plays a significant role in global coffee trade. Similarly, other agricultural commodities such as soybeans, sugar, bananas, wool, seafood, and beef are all major South American exports. Equally, the growing demand for avocados, combined with South America’s climate which allows for year-round cultivation makes the continent a major supplier for numerous international markets.

The mining sector in South America is notable for its extraction of diverse minerals, including copper, gold, and iron ore. Additionally, the continent also hosts extensive drilling activities for oil and natural gas exploration.

Another significant group of commodities frequently exported from South America includes vehicle parts and electronics. As these are often incorporated into international supply chains, ensuring their safe and timely delivery is vital for global production schedules.

For businesses involved in the export of oil, coffee, avocado, copper, or fish, our diverse range of shipping solutions, including liquid cargo solutions and reefer cargo, are designed to help meet the specific needs of your business.

Key America Shipping Routes 

There are numerous American shipping routes, including the Transpacific and the Transatlantic.

The Transpacific shipping route connects the Asia-Pacific region with those of North America and is one of the busiest and most economically significant trade routes in the world.

For businesses shipping from Europe to North America, the Transatlantic shipping route is of huge importance. Connecting numerous European Ports, such as Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, and Southampton, with North American ports including New York, this shipping route has played a vital role in the movement of goods between Europe and America since the Age of Exploration.

Whether you’re shipping to or from America our teams of local experts have the experience and knowledge to provide the best shipping solution for your business. Speak to one of our experts, or discover our range of services today.

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