MSC Tessa at Tanjung Pelepas in Malaysia MSC Tessa at Tanjung Pelepas in Malaysia


Shipping in Asia with MSC

If you’re looking to ensure your business’ shipping in Asia is as efficient as possible, look no further than MSC. Our well-established presence in 20 countries of the region, combined with our teams of local experts, means we can offer you global reach and a wealth of local knowledge to help you find the best shipping solution for your cargo. With reliable transit times and frequent port of calls, shipping cargo to or from Asia Pacific has never been easier.

Leverage our expertise as the world’s largest shipping line today! Whether you are looking to ship to Asia, or from Asia to the whole word, with dry cargo only or additional solutions such as warehousing or digital solutions, we are here for you.

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Key Asia Pacific Shipping Solutions and Services

To cover your cargo transportation needs in the Asia pacific region and to support shipping from the Asia pacific we have developed a full portfolio of solutions. No matter where in the world your cargo needs to be delivered, MSC’s Asia Pacific shipping solutions are designed to make this transportation as easy and efficient as possible.

  • Strong intermodal offering (road, rail, barge)

  • Fast and reliable transit times

  • Dedicated customer support team

  • Warehousing and Storage

The Asia Pacific Shipping Company You Need

Covering all major Pacific shipping lanes including Southwest Asia and Oceania, we offer fast and reliable services like East-West Network. Our dedicated local teams across these regions including in Australia, India, and China and more, play a key role in facilitating the transportation of goods from the Asia Pacific to the rest of the world. Some of the key industries we support include:


With global sourcing an everyday reality, MSC connects the growers, farmers and producers of agricultural products around the world with their key markets.

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Whether you are shipping production or service parts, cars, trucks or electric vehicles, a reliable and experienced shipping partner is a vital link in your uninterruptible supply chain. As the automotive industry gradually moves into a new, greener era, MSC will be here to provide the fast, flexible and transparent supply chain solution you need.

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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

MSC provides careful, precise and robust processes to safely transport hazardous and dangerous goods, such as chemicals and petrochemicals. As experts in the transportation of dangerous cargoes, MSC can ensure your cargo is shipped safely and in compliance with relevant regulations. We can also help you to deal with any contingency wherever you are shipping around the globe.

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Food & Beverages

Thanks to its decades of experience servicing the food and beverage industries, MSC understands the unique needs of the sector, including the importance of global port coverage, equipment availability and reliable scheduling.

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Mining & Minerals

For decades MSC has been successfully connecting the minerals extraction industries with customer markets around the world – offering fast transit times across all key trade lanes.

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