Connecting Thailand to the world

MSC opened its first branch in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2001, but we had been doing business in the country for several years prior to that with the help of a third-party agent. MSC also subsequently set up offices in Songkhla (Southern Thailand) and a vessel operations office in Laem Chabang port (Eastern Thailand). In November 2019, MSC upgraded the Laem Chabang branch to a bigger office in order to provide a broader range of commercial services.


Find out more in the MSC In Thailand Brochure.


Booking Mandatory Details

POD Country Additional Mandatory Information Required 
 All POD Country Shipper/ Consignee/ Notify Party 
Full Style Address Detail that will show on B/L
 All POD Country  HS Code & Commodity
 All POD Country  Freight Term: Prepaid/ Collect/ Elsewhere
(Note* for Freight elsewhere: Freight Payment Location & Freight Payment Party with Full Style Address are mandatory)
 USA/Canada  AMS Filing Party (AMS File by Shipper or Carrier)
 USA  SCAC Code (When AMS Filed by Shipper)
 USA  Chassis usage (CUC) supply at destination by carrier or not (Yes or No)

Payment Advisory

Payments can be made via fund transfer or internet banking to our designated bank account only: 

MSC Update Bank Details 

Account Name Mediterranean Shipping (Thailand) Co. Ltd 
 Saving Account Name 066-3-60461-9 
 Bank Name Kasikornbank Public Company Limited  
Bank Branch Sukhumvit 71 
 Branch Code 971 
 Swift Code KASITHBK 


  • If payment is made by cheque, it must be deposited into our above bank account. 
    Document will be released only once cheque clearing is completed, and payment is received in MSC Bank account with correct supporting documents submitted. 
  • All payments must be in full amount. Therefore, any bank fee due to processing payment to MSC TH account must be borne by remitters. Any shortfall shall be considered as an outstanding overdue payment;
  • After making the payment, you can submit proof of payment and related documentation via our ticketing system.
    The instruction on how to upload your documents is also available on our ticketing system.
    Note: please do not send pay-in slips by replying to the email in which our invoices are automatically sent out.

MSC Tax ID Number 

Details of carrier for CTF declaration 
Mediterranean Shipping (Thailand) Co. Ltd
TAX ID: 0-1055-44019-07-9
Branch Number: 0

MSC Contact Number


Laden (Ex.: Intermodal, Terminal shore, plan to lad, etc...), please call: +662 460 6240

Empty (Ex.: Empty pick up, return empty, etc...), please call: +662 460 6241

Maintenance and Repair(container damage, inspection in factory, survey in depot, etc...), please call: +662 460 6242

MSC HOTLINE (Logistics) – After working hours from 6pm-10pm and weekend in case of emergency please call: +66 95-371-5847

MSC HOTLINE (M&R) – After working hours from 6pm-10pm and weekend in case of emergency, please call: +66 64-183-9952

**After operating hours, please leave text message and Logistics on duty will call back the next day**


Group 1. Europe(NWC & Scan), Mediterranean(EMED, WMED & BSEA), North Africa, Intra Asia, Japan, China, please call: +662 460 6245


Group 2. AUS/NZ, EAFR, WAFR, SAFR, LATAM, Red Sea & Middle East, please call: +662 460 6248

Group 3. USA, Canada, please call: +662 460 6246

Group 4. VGM submission, please call: +662 460 6278


Export Sale, please call: +662 460 6315                      Import Sale, please call: +662 460 6377

Laem Chabang, please call: +662 460 6301             Hadyai, please call: +662 460 6322

Prohibited cargo

Prohibited Goods are goods for which either the import into or export out of Thailand are prohibited. Any person imports or exports prohibited goods is considered as committing offences and subject to penalties indicated in the relevant national legislation. In addition, such activity is also considered as an offence under Section 244 and 246 of the Customs Act B.E. 2560. It is prohibited by law to bring the following items into or out of Thailand. 
  • Obscene objects/literature/pictures
  • Pornographic materials
  • Goods with Thai national flag
  • Narcotics e.g., marijuana, hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin
  • Fake currency, bonds, or coins
  • Fake Royal Seals/official seals
  • Pirated copyright goods e.g., musical tape, CD, VDO, computer software, etc.
  • Counterfeit trademark goods
  • Used sedan bodies and use motorcycle frame designated is not allowed in Thailand Import of used tires is not allowed in Thailand except for the following cases: Importing used tires for any kind of research or as sample product or as wheels for import vehicles within a certain limit of quantity as necessity required. Importing used tires as spare tires for Motor Racing or Travelling programs.
  • Imports of used motorcycles and parts, household refrigerators using CFCs, refurbished medical devices, gaming machines, and computer peripherals are prohibited.
  • Plastic, Electronic, Hazardous/Waste & Scrap as per announcement from customs office and major terminal operators, additional do not accept booking for below black list of consignees in Thailand for these kinds of commodity.  
Additional List of Forbidden Goods for Import to Thailand 
i. Ministry of Commerce has announced to ban importation of "Used Car" with effect from December 10, 2019 

Below are exempted BUT require an import permission from Ministry of Commerce and Thai Customs Office: 
  • Used Car for Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • Used Car Donation for Thai Government, State Enterprise, Charitable Organization
  • Temporary import used car and export out of Thailand with permission from Thai customs
  • Car registered in Thailand and export to other countries, with any reason but return back to Thailand
  • Repaired in Free Trade Zone and export to other countries
  • Import Used car with permission from Fine Arts Department for exhibition only
  • Used Car under control of Department of Defense  
ii. Electronic / Hazardous Waste / Plastic Waste 

Facility Contact Detail

Our shore is automated updating to terminal timely (every 2hrs from 8.00am to 10.00pm). 

Customer can call and check directly with terminal and come to us only when terminal advised no details. 

 Laem Chabang        Telephone Number 
 GTD1 THLCHAB  Mon - Sat  0800 - 2000hrs  038-348042#0, 095-2101888, 091-7716465
 GTD3 THLCHBD  Mon - Sat  0700 - 1900hrs  038-197162-4, 097-1088582 

0700 - 2000hrs

0700 - 1700hrs

038-482683-7 #3552 
 TIPS CD THLCHAU  Mon - Sat  0730 - 2200hrs   038-408480 #3824, 038-408481 #3856
 SR Depot  THLKRAE  Mon - Fri  0600 - 2000hrs   02-3609472 #11, #114, 0948717744
 GTD BGN THBKKBH  Mon - Sat   0800 - 2000hrs 02- 0538381-4
 ESCO TGLKRESC  Mon - Sat   0800 - 1600hrs  02-1068900 #2107, #2108
 TIFFA THLKRAF  Mon - Sat  0800 - 1600hrs  02-7379990 

Mon - Sat 


0600 - 2000hrs

0600 - 1700hrs

02-3606494-5, #2551
 NICD THLKRAI  Mon - Sat  0800 - 1600hrs  02-7379900 #384 
 NHP THLKRAJ  Mon - Sat  0800 - 2330hrs   02-737-4560-79 #144, #205
 SAHATHAI THSBPCS  Mon - Sat  0800 - 2100hrs  02-3804888, #2101 
 BBT THSPRAA  Mon - Sat  0800 - 2100hrs    02-2868188, 02-386 8189
 TPT THSPRAD  Mon - Sat   0800 - 1600hrs 02-754-4501-9 #144, #205 
 SRS THSGZAB  Mon - Sat  0800 -  1700hrs  074-496937-38 #13


KSSP  THLCHBB  Mon - Sun 24 hours  038-352325-9 #1200-1205, 085-155-7272 
 LCB1 THLCHT1  Mon - Sun  24 hours  038-408700 #2262, 2254, 4553 
 LCIT-C3 THLCBF  Mon - Sun  24 hours  038-408200 
LCIT-B5   THLCHBE Mon - Sun   24 hours  038-408200
 ESCO-B3 THLCHET  Mon - Sun  24 hours  038-491091 
 TIPS-B4 THLCHTI  Mon - Sun  24 hours  038-352523 
 BMT THBMTBM  Mon - Sun  24 hours   02-4256999
 PAT THBKKBO  Mon - Sun  24 hours   02-2693476
TPT  THSPRAD  Mon - Sun  24 hours   02-7544501
JWD  THLCHJWD  Mon - Sun  24 hours  038-404700 #0 
 HPT THLCHJWD  Mon - Sun  24 hours  038-408700 #2262,2254,4553 
 SONGKHLA THSGZCT  Mon - Sun  24 hours  074-331074 

MSC Rice Leaflet

The MSC Rice Leaflet is available for download below.

MSC Rice Leaflet (PDF).


Daily Local Schedule

Click on the link below and download daily local full route schedules. 

Daily Local Schedule

Customer Service - MSC Thailand LINE Official Account

Customer experience is important to us. We would like our customers to be able to connect with us 24/7 to receive dedicated support.

Scan the QR Code below or click on this link for access to MSC Thailand’s LINE Official Account, where you can access the following information at any time of day:

  • Shipping Schedule
  • Status of Container
  • Demurrage & Detention
  • Cut-Off Time

Taking Your Supply Chain Logistics Further

eBL for Faster & Simpler Shipping

The electronic bill of lading (eBL) is an original electronic document which offers a more efficient, secure, and sustainable alternative to a complex and costly process. It has the same legal value and replicates the functions of an original BL in paper, but electronically. No more paperwork, postage costs, delays or disruptions to move physically important trade documents between exporters, shipping agents, banks, importers and other parties.

Contact Us
  • Less costly

  • Faster, simpler data sharing

  • Easy registration

Smart Containers for Better Visibility

We know that being able to track and monitor your shipment remotely helps you to plan. That's why we offer MSC smart containers for all types of dry cargo.


We equip dry units with internet connected devices that collect data such as position, temperature and door opening in real-time – helping you to make the right decisions at the right moment.

  • 24/7 visibility of your cargo

  • Easy and affordable

  • Personalised notifications

Protecting Your Cargo From Thailand and Beyond

Cargo transportation does not come without risks, and you need coverage beyond basic. Whether your goods are transported by land, or by air and at sea, we are here for you, and you can rest assured you are fully covered with MSC Cargo Insurance.


We offer you a tailor-made insurance solution with the widest possible coverage for maritime and inland transportation to ease your mind and protect your supply chain.

  • Backed by first class insurance providers

  • Competitively priced and fully personalised

  • Wider coverage than the standard marine cargo insurance

  • Quick quotations and rapid claim resolutions

Global Door-to-Door Transport Solutions for Every Industry

Our fast-growing road, rail and barge network offers customers all over the world a more flexible, efficient and sustainable way of moving cargo inland.
Partner MSC Thailand for Intermodal Services
  • Road

  • Rail

  • Barge