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Shipping in the Middle East with MSC

Located on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East is known for importing and exporting numerous products crucial for modern living.

Whether you are shipping oil, plastics, fertilisers or another type of cargo to or from the Middle East, it’s vital to work with a shipping company that can offer your business the dedicated services it needs to successfully connect with global markets.

At MSC, we can offer our customers expert advice from any of our offices in 12 strategic countries of the Middle East region. Beyond this, we can recommend our customers tailor-made, environmentally sustainable solutions designed to ensure your cargo reaches its final destination as quickly as possible.

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Middle East Shipping: MSC’s Key Offerings

Our presence across the Middle East, including in Iraq, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates gives us great insight into the local markets. Not only do we ship across numerous routes throughout the Middle East, but our local knowledge enables us to offer our customers bespoke shipping and inland transport solutions.

Our key Middle East Shipping Solutions Include:

  • Fast and reliable transit times

  • Digital business

  • Inland Transportation

  • Dedicated customer support team

Significant Shipping Ports in the Middle East

For businesses shipping to the Middle East, or looking to export their Middle Eastern Cargo quickly and easily, working with MSC means you’ll have access to all major ports in the region, including:

Port of Jebel Ali:

Located in UAE, the Port of Jebel Ali is a deep-water harbour strategically located near major Middle Eastern shipping routes. As one of the largest ports in the world, the Port of Jebel Ali serves as a key trade hub for numerous businesses in the Middle East.

King Abdul Aziz Port:

Also known as the Dammam Port, the King Abdul Aziz Port is a key gateway for trade in the Gulf region. Located in Saudi Arabia, this is a multi-faceted port with the ability to handle numerous types of cargo.


Based in Oman, the port of Salalah is a major transshipment hub in the region. Acting as a vital link between Asia, Europe, and Africa, the Salalah port plays a key role in international trade.

Hamad Port:

Playing a key role in Qatar’s trading strategy, the Hamad Port’s strategic location in the Arabian Gulf makes it an essential port for any goods moving into and out of the region.

Whether you’re shipping from the Middle East, or shipping to the various countries, our strategic locations help us facilitate efficient global trade for our customers worldwide.

Shipping Regulations in the Middle East

As well as offering our customers key shipping solutions and inland connectivity and transportation, working with MSC also means that you’ll have access to expert advice when it comes to complying with shipping regulations in the Middle East.

Our teams of local experts have decades of experience in the handling of numerous regulations, including customs regulations, insurance, Bills of Lading, and container weight and stowage documentation.

Whether you’re shipping to or from the Middle East, our teams of local experts have the experience and knowledge to provide the best shipping solution for your business. Speak to one of our experts, or discover our range of services today.

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