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Why should I buy MSC Cargo Insurance?

Transportation is not risk free and the intervention of major events such as rough weather, fire, pirates and many other occurrences can damage your cargo while in transit with us. Hence, insurance will protect your cargo from these known risks and ensure you the right to get compensated in case of damage without been affected by eventually carrier´s liability exclusion and/or limitation.

What is the procedure to get a quote?

You simply need to provide us with your shipment details to get an instant quote either provided by our cargo insurance team on msccargoinsurance@msc com or directly by your MSC sales representative.

What is the invoicing procedure?

The premium for your insurance will be charged and manifested on your shipping invoice.

Who applies for a surveyor?

Upon notification of your cargo damage by you, the Insurance Company will appoint a local surveyor to establish the cause of damage and eventually assist you to find mitigation solutions.


Which documents do I have to submit to have my claim processed?

All the documents you need to submit are listed on your Certificate of Insurance alongside a claims procedure. The main documents to be provided are the commercial invoice, a copy of the Bill of Lading, a letter of protest and the survey report.

How long does it take to get my compensation in case of claim?

MSC applies a very efficient money back policy and your claim will be solved within 30 days.  

Can I apply for MSC Cargo Insurance product while the container is already on the way?

MSC can arrange insurance accordingly while the cargo is already on the way but we reserve the right to first investigate the situation with our agent to check if there is no damage before issuing the Certificate of Insurance.

Can I purchase MSC Cargo Insurance product if I do not intend to ship all my cargo with MSC?

Yes, our product is multi-carrier. The invoicing of your premium will simply be adapted accordingly. A portion of your cargo volumes must however be carried by MSC for you to benefit from the MSC Cargo Insurance product.


Is the product available for my spot and volume shipments?

MSC Cargo Insurance solution is adaptable to both types of shipments.