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How MSC promotes safety on board

The situation

MSC seeks to provide employees with a safe and healthy environment both ashore in its offices and at sea on board its vessels.

MSC’s commitment to the protection of the environment and the promotion of responsible occupational health and safety practices are essential parts of its philosophy and contributing factors to its business success. MSC aims to prevent any loss of life and unnecessary risk to human health in its business operations, as well as to ensure environmental safety and proper cargo-handling and management.

To do so, MSC has its own Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) policy, in line with applicable requirements defined for international shipping. Additionally, our “Responsible Cargo Care Policy” focuses on safe container-handling procedures.

Our Strategy

MSC believes that early warning and rapid decision-making mechanisms are crucial for ensuring the safety of its crews and customers’ freight in case of maritime emergencies. All crisis management operations imply the prompt involvement of dedicated experts under the supervision of the experienced MSC senior management.

Capt. Gianluigi Aponte, the company’s founder, and Mr. Diego Aponte, President & CEO, are personally involved in the monitoring and management of every significant emergency operation. Following their instructions, HQ Operations Department remains in constant contact with the crew members to rapidly resolve the emergency situation, including potential medical emergencies occurring either on board or at sea amid difficult conditions.

Our Impact

Our care for people is demonstrated by our staff development strategy and professional training which focus in particular on ensuring personal, cargo and navigational safety.

MSC Shipmanagement in Cyprus is responsible, among other duties, for the selection, recruitment, training and management of our crew, in line with MSC’s vision, mission and core values. In the last ten years, MSC Shipmanagement’s continuous focus on organisational development, capacity building and innovation at work has enabled it to cope with the rapid growth of MSC operated fleet and at the same time to ensure high performance at all levels of the organisation.

Growing and developing crew professional competence through training in both soft and technical skills represents a key investment area for our company. To increase our rapid responsiveness to risks, these training programmes also include specific modules on emergencies and unexpected events, such as natural disasters.

MSC Group’s safety culture does not include cost-saving considerations when human lives are at stake. As an illustration, in the autumn of 2017, our central management offices launched four emergency operations entailing the diversion of MSC ships with crew members in need of medical aid from their intended routes to let local authorities provide the seafarers with medical assistance and hospitalisation in the fastest possible way.

To find out more, see pages 50-53 in the MSC 2017 Sustainability Report

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