MSC Digital Talks ep.3: Innovation Insights from Singapore Leading Port Group PSA


MSC Digital Talks ep.3: Innovation Insights from Singapore Leading Port Group PSA


For our #MSCDigitalTalks series, MSC’s CDIO André Simha meets industry experts and leaders to discuss the hottest topics in shipping. In the latest episode, he speaks to PSA International’s Ho Ghim Siew about innovation, data-sharing and the ecosystems of the future.

Exploring new frontiers in digital innovation

Digital innovation and better data-sharing in supply chains could be the answer to many of today’s supply chain pain points.

Andre Simha explores this subject in the latest episode of #MSCDigitalTalks featuring Ho Ghim Siew, Head Group Strategy and Cargo Solutions at PSA International: a leading port group and trusted partner to cargo stakeholders with flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp.

They speak about innovation, data-sharing and diversity – and the central role these elements play in the group’s operations and evolution.


Video highlights

  • 1:07: How digitalisation and data can help to overcome supply chain pain points
  • 2:36: Why we need standards and multiple digital data-sharing platforms
  • 5:08: ‘Quick wins’ we can work on today
  • 5:22: The electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) in focus
  • 6:40: The importance of diversity and encouraging young people to join the industry
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Over the last two years, we've seen a lot of supply chain disruptions and one-off incidents like the Suez Canal and other “Black Swan” events… But I believe that these pain points could be overcome with digitalisation and data, and we find that sharing data is probably the foundational piece.

Ho Ghim Siew Head Group Strategy and Cargo Solutions,
PSA International

About MSC Digital Talks

In each episode, MSC’s CDIO André Simha speaks to a different leader or expert about the future of digitalisation, innovation and technology. The series is part of our efforts to highlight the benefits of digitalisation in container shipping and to promote collaboration and industry standards across the supply chain.

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More episodes coming 

Stay tuned! André’s next conversation will be filmed in Rotterdam with the CEO of Portbase, Iwan van der Wolf.

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