MSC Digital Talks Ep. 4:‘First Digitalise, Then Optimise’  


MSC Digital Talks Ep. 4:‘First Digitalise, Then Optimise’  


Where better to discuss shipping’s digital transformation than in Europe’s biggest and busiest port?  For episode 4 of #MSCDigitalTalks, André Simha meets Iwan van der Wolf, CEO of Portbase to talk about driving innovation through a “Start up - Build up - Scale up” step-by-step approach, involving port authorities and other container-shipping stakeholders. 

From starting up to scaling up

Headquartered in Rotterdam, Portbase is a neutral, non-profit organisation that manages the Port Community System (PCS), a digital port logistics platform for all Dutch ports.

By enabling companies and governments to seamlessly exchange data with each other in an efficient and secure manner, the company fosters collaboration and facilitate parties to extract more value from logistics data flows.

In the video, Iwan and André speak about the importance of building information-sharing communities and developing industry-wide standards. They also discuss the challenges of keeping pace with technological advances, and how a step-by-step approach or ‘incremental innovation’ can help keep everyone on board.

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At Portbase, we first looked at digitising existing processes before we start optimising everything... It’s an amazing journey we are on at the moment.

Iwan van der Wolf

CEO of Portbase

About MSC Digital Talks

#MSCDigitalTalks is a video series featuring interviews with industry movers and shakers. In each episode, André speaks to a different leader or expert about the future of digitalisation, innovation and technology. The series is part of our efforts to highlight the benefits of digitalisation in container shipping and to promote collaboration and industry standards across the supply chain. 

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