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The Most Suitable Way to Ship Peas Overseas

A staple ingredient in many meals and recipes, shipping peas internationally needs to be done with care, precision, and speed. Whether you’re shipping garden or green peas, sugar peas, or sugar snap peas, it’s important to work with a shipping partner you can trust.

At MSC, we have a world leading food graded fleet that’s designed to keep your peas in the best possible condition. Beyond this, we also have the equipment to ensure uninterrupted cargo operations and end-to-end transportation solutions, and we work with a team of highly qualified experts. This means, we can go above and beyond for our customers and offer specialised geographical solutions for specific cargo.

Our experience in transporting food and agricultural cargo means that you can rely on MSC to ensure your peas reach their destination timely and safely. We not only offer warehousing and storage options but we also use food-grade units to extend their shelf-life so we can transport them over long distances without damaging their appearance, flavour, or quality.

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Did you know?

India is the largest importer of pigeon peas. It is consumed in vast amounts in the country after being processed into dahl.

Controlled Atmosphere Considerations for Shipping Peas

A good quality batch of peas will be turgid, a bright green colour, and free from defects. To preserve the quality and nutritional benefits of your pea shipment during transportation, it’s very important to ensure that the ideal conditions are maintained throughout shipping.


One of the ways to preserve the freshness of your pea shipment is by controlling the atmosphere during transportation. An atmosphere of between 2-3% oxygen and 2-3% carbon dioxide is considered to be optimum, as having low oxygen levels can contribute to a decline in flavour and scent (Cargohandbook.com).

The Importance of Maintaining Perfect Conditions

While having controlled atmospheric conditions is important when shipping peas, it’s also paramount to ensure your cargo is properly cooled and packaged before shipping.

Garden, sugar snap, and sugar peas can all be stored for between 1 and 2 weeks at as close to zero degrees as possible (while still avoiding freezing). It’s also worth noting that, although garden peas are more commonly served shelled, they are more effectively stored unshelled before shipping. Edible pod peas like the sugar and sugar snap peas are highly perishable beyond 14 days meaning that it’s vital your cargo is shipped on time and schedule.

Supporting Peas Shipments Every Step of the Way

Whether it’s helping with preparation, equipment availability, documentation, or even providing the right cargo insurance product, we are here to provide support and guidance every step of the way.

With an extensive infrastructure that reaches all global markets, we are well placed to help our customers make an impact on their target markets. Not only are we industry specialists with a wealth of specific expertise, but we also offer an extensive portfolio of solutions that can be adapted to meet our customer’s needs.

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