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Manage your eBills of Lading in a Matter of Clicks!

In an increasing digitalised world, everyone wants access to data and documents online, 24/7 and from anywhere. The electronic bill of lading is an original electronic document which offers a more efficient, secure, and sustainable alternative to a complex and costly process. It has the same legal value and replicates the functions of an original BL in paper, but electronically.  No more paperwork, postage costs, delays or disruptions to move physically important trade documents between exporters, shipping agents, banks, importers and other parties.

Did you know?

Enabling paperless trade with 100% eBL adoption could save 28,000 trees per year and $6.5 billion in direct costs for stakeholders.

Why Choose eBill of Lading?

More Efficient

Transfer your eBL in minutes instead of weeks with MSC's eBL

Maximise your savings by:

  • Streamlining your workflows, without disrupting existing processes
  • Accelerating payment times
  • Reducing administrative workload and eliminating courier or postage fees

No more cumbersome steps involved in filling out, checking and exchanging paper shipping documents: a time-consuming and inefficient process.


Our eBL solution is offered via WAVE BL's digital courier platform where all parties involved on the eBL are connected in a decentralised network, which allows them to securely exchange documents. All data is secured and encrypted by blockchain technology, and every document or signature is verified and authenticated.


This means that the risk of document loss, forgery or fraud is eliminated.

Simpler & Greener

Amend, endorse, surrender or transfer your eBL at any time, from anywhere, via the WAVE BL user-friendly platform. Mirroring the traditional paper-based process, electronic Bill of Lading helps reduce human errors and time-consuming processes.


With eBL you can also reduce your carbon footprint with paperless process.

Making it Easy for you

  • Fill in the form to register.

  • Activate your account with the log in details you will receive by email.

  • Invite your business partners.

  • Request the eBL in your next Shipping Instructions and receive your eBL seamlessly.

That's not all

Create your electronic envelope to safely store documents like commercial invoices, packing lists, electronic certificates of origin and certificates of conformity in one single place.

Our eBL platform is approved by the International Group of Protection & Indemnity Clubs, following the highest industry standards for security and privacy.

Easy registration and setup with the support of specialised team of professionals.

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