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The Power Behind the World's Flour

The flour obtained by grinding grains was the first food used by human beings. Flour is the basic component of many foods, especially bread and pastries, and sustains a market worth $231billion worldwide.


At MSC we deliver the flour of leading producers to every corner of the world quickly and carefully with our ecofriendly and modern fleet.

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

  • End-to-end

  • Food-grade containers

Intermodal Solutions

Türkiye is one of the world’s major production centres of flour. MSC is a key partner in Türkiye's flour industry, importing wheat to Türkiye’s milling facilities through our sea, road and railway network. Our strong connections in the global grain trade includes close working relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.


By combining our extensive intermodal network in Türkiye with global port coverage, MSC ensures a high quality door-to-door service no matter where the flour is shipped.

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Keeping Flour Safe on its Journey

We understand the importance of preserving the quality of your products. Thanks to our experience in food and dry cargo transportation, which is one of the most essential elements of trade, we provide a fast and safe service for your valuable products. We make sure that they are in safe hands throughout their journey, from the moment you book until the moment they reach the end customer.

How Flour Should
Be Shipped

Flour must be stowed in gunny bags – hessian or polypropylene sacks which are transported in food-grade containers. The main risk to the condition of flour is from dampness, which will cause flour to heat and ferment. So the container should be clean, dry, well ventilated and free of odour.


All of our food-grade containers are checked regularly throughout the shipping process by our highly trained team. This ensures the moisture content is regulated and the optimum condition of the flour maintained.

MSC in Türkiye

We are a multi-award winning cargo service provider in Türkiye. Established in the country since 1995, MSC has 40 services. We have operations at Türkiye’s 14 international ports, offering coverage across the main Black Sea and Mediterranean routes.

Leading the Way in the Grain Race

At MSC, we are bringing together local experts who are improving Türkiye’s flour trade every day. We are constantly working with our logistic team to meet customer’s needs, and we are proud to help every step of the journey from wheat field to supermarket shelf.

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • Documentation Support

  • Smart containers

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Flour FAQs

Which countries produce the most flour? 

Türkiye exports approximately a quarter of the total amount of flour produced in the world. Among other leading flour producers are Germany, Uzbekistan, Italy, India and the US. 

From how many ports does MSC ship in Türkiye? 

MSC ships flour from Türkiye’s 14 cargo ports: Tekirdağ Asyaport, İstanbul, Gebze (4 ports), Gemlik, Mersin, İskenderun, Antalya, İzmir (2 ports), Trabzon, Samsun.