Daltile, with the acquisition in 2013 of Italy’s Marazzi Group, is the world’s largest ceramic flooring company, manufacturing and distributing ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone products to the global market. Industries, Inc., Daltile manufactures floor coverings from plants based in the USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Russia and China

Pietra Jura

Together with its parent company, Mohawk Industries, Inc., Daltile manufactures floor coverings from plants based in the USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Russia and China. Importing raw materials and finished product from over 25 countries and exporting finished products to end customers around the world, Daltile’s relationship with Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) has enabled the company to manage a global supply chain with precision and achieve increased efficiencies and flexibility in origin countries and ports.

Mark Widner, Director of Transportation and Customs at Daltile, commented, “In a world where so much of business is moving towards a faceless information or margin-focused approach, it’s refreshing to do business with a company that still values traditional interactions.” He continued, “MSC has helped us maintain consistency in our supply chain in service, cost and equipment availability. Through the tireless support of Mr. Formisano, Rosalie Jimenez and their team, they’ve helped us maintain our dominant position in the stone export market in Brazil, in addition to the sizeable business we do from many other markets where MSC dominates.”

One of the largest exporters of stone slab from Brazil, in the past Daltile has faced difficulties securing equipment or vessel space from this origin. MSC has enabled Daltile to overcome these challenges on an ongoing basis through its regular reliable service out of Vitoria, Brazil. Through offering consistent support, the MSC team has maintained open communication with Daltile regarding vessel space and equipment availability from this origin, making it a more straightforward operation.

Mr. Formisano, Senior Vice President at MSC, commented, “We have many customers who tell us they’ve experienced difficulties securing equipment or vessel space out of certain origins. Due to the size and scale of our operations, in most cases we’re able to help our customers find the right solution which helps them overcome their challenges. We’re really pleased to have been able to help Daltile find a solution which provides them an efficient export process from this origin as part of their global operations.”

Mark Widner concluded, “It’s due to the support from the MSC team that exporting not only from Brazil, but also Med, Asia and many other corners of the globe is a painless experience for us. The relationship between Daltile and MSC has been developing for over a decade - longer than I’ve been at Daltile – but it’s a relationship that has proven itself many times over. We’re very grateful to the team at MSC who have been by our side and supporting our needs for more than ten years.”