Keeping South African Blueberries on the Move with MSC


Keeping South African Blueberries on the Move with MSC


South Africa had a record-breaking blueberry season in 2020, exporting higher volumes of this tasty fruit than ever before. As the year progressed, more and more of the fruit was transported by sea due to Covid-related disruption.

MSC quickly stepped in to help, bringing our first ever shipment of blueberries from South Africa to Europe in September. The fruit travelled safely from Cape Town to Rotterdam via our weekly ‘NWC to South Africa’ service. We also carried smaller volumes to the Middle East and Far East.

Carrying blueberries over long distances requires the highest level of care. As a world leader in refrigerated (reefer) container shipping, MSC is able to offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to air freight.

Why choose MSC for your South African blueberries?
Like many perishable foods, blueberries are incredibly delicate and must be transported under carefully managed conditions. MSC’s reefer containers feature Controlled Atmosphere (CA) integrated technology such as XtendFRESH™ and Star Cool® to modify the atmosphere, slow down the ripening process and reduce the growth of spoilage micro-organisms such Botrytis cinerea – helping the fruit to maintain the same flawless taste, texture and colour as when it was harvested.

With decades of experience in moving sensitive cargo, MSC has become a trusted partner for blueberry producers, exporters and importers all over the world.

Our services include:

  • Weekly departure from Cape Town
  • Faster transit times to main global markets, including direct connections to London Gateway and Rotterdam
  • Extensive local reefer experience and knowledge

We are ready to help you boost exports and reach long-distance destinations in 2021 and beyond. Visit or contact our specialist teams at your local office to find out more.

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