The Cocoa Season from Ecuador is Approaching and We Couldn’t Be More Ready for it


The Cocoa Season from Ecuador is Approaching and We Couldn’t Be More Ready for it


If there is one product that is loved unequivocally around the world, that product is most certainly chocolate. This global obsession means a constant demand for cocoa and, therefore, the need for a reliable and unfailing supply chain.

According to the International Trade Center (ITC), the main importers of post-processing cocoa products are Europe and the United States. Among the biggest importers in recent years, the Netherlands, the USA and Germany have led the way in the sector, with countries in Asia also steadily growing an appetite for chocolate in recent years. Ecuador is a globally recognised producer of high-quality cacao beans. The country is known for its production of a unique native variety called Arriba or Nacional, with a distinctive aroma and flavour. According to Anecacao, Ecuador produces just 5% of the world’s cocoa beans, but this quantity makes up about 63% of the fine flavour variety globally.

The quality of cocoa products is primarily determined by the quality of the raw cocoa: cocoa itself will not improve after it leaves the farm gates, but it is critical that it is carefully preserved during transportation. The timing of the cocoa harvest also varies from country to country, depending on climate and variety: most countries have two peak production harvests per year, and in Ecuador the largest part of the production is harvested between October and December.

Knowing all of these particularities and understanding the sensitivity required in the care of cocoa beans throughout their journey is precisely the reason why our customers decide to partner with MSC, ensuring this delicious commodity arrives in the very best conditions possible.

MSC, your expert in cocoa transportation

Ecuador leads the cocoa's production in Latin America, and the port of Guayaquil is the main hub for cocoa exports.

MSC has operated in Ecuador for 24 years. Thanks to our shipping and intermodal services worldwide coverage, as well as our experience caring for cocoa beans, we offer fast and reliable services that connect Ecuadorian exporters to all the main trade centres of the world, including the Far East, Europe, and the USA.

Our services include:

  • Intermodal services availability, including GPS tracking for real-time localisation and full traceability
  • Departures through the port of Guayaquil which is a strategic HUB for logistics and cocoa exports, allowing for extra proximity to cocoas plantations
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Cargo consolidation services at the port

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