MSC Provides Solutions to Transport Gold Kiwi from Italy to China


The gold kiwi fruit, sweeter than its green cousin, is finding growing demand all round the world, particularly with Chinese consumers.

Italy is the world’s second largest producer of kiwi and hence MSC has been very active in this sector, assisting the producers and shippers in transporting the product and offering a wide network of its services to reach new markets.

“The gold kiwi is emerging as an important export product for Italy. Demand is growing, particularly into China. MSC is responding to these trends by providing advanced reefer technology that is required by our partners and shippers to ensure the product reaches on time to its destination in perfect condition,” says Vincenzo Tomassetti, Reefer Manager for MSC in Italy.

New technology breakthrough for long distance shipping

MSC is growing its reefer container fleet and investing significantly in new technologies in response to growing demand for fruit around the world, ensuring the produce reaches customers in the best condition of quality, freshness and firmness.

The gold kiwi shipments are made under cold treatment to keep the fruit fresh and prevent transference of unwanted pests. MSC’s experienced technicians ensure the conditions are correct and that the cold chain is controlled 24/7 until delivery to the customer. This is particularly important because the gold kiwi is more delicate than its green equivalent.

The demand in China and elsewhere in Asia is expected to grow further with the expanding middle class; this brings opportunities for both producers and shippers to collaborate with MSC to reach new destinations. The Chinese middle class is forecasted to exceed 600 million people in the coming years. Fruit imports were around 4 million tons in 2017 and expected to grow further.

“The long distances involved in this trade require specialised logistics,” says Tomassetti. “Thanks to our investments in leading reefer technology and solid expertise, MSC is able to transport kiwis from Italy to China ensuring they arrive in fresh condition.”

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