Ukraine Security Situation Impact on Shipping Services

Please be advised that due to the ongoing and rapidly changing security situation in Ukraine, MSC has begun to introduce some operational contingencies and, as of 24 February 2022, has stopped accepting new bookings for cargo to/from Ukraine. 

The container ship MSC JESSENIA R was required to deviate during voyage XA207A and the vessel will omit calling Odessa.  

For the time being MSC ships will not call at Ukrainian ports and we are implementing various other operational changes to other vessels in the region to make use of our wide Black Sea port network. In such cases we will declare the voyage as ended in the last port prior to Ukraine. 

MSC is also reviewing how best to manage cargo for transit to Ukraine that is currently lying at ports in the Black Sea and Mediterranean. We will communicate directly to customers any relevant details of additional contingencies and will endeavour to treat shipments of chilled and frozen cargo in reefer containers with care. 

Stacking areas at hubs in the region are already very full and we expect the impact of the Ukraine situation to present additional challenges on top of existing global supply chain disruptions. 

MSC will continue to monitor the impact of the security situation and geopolitical tensions on trade and will review its service network accordingly. MSC is also preparing in case of potential new government measures that could impact trade in the region. As at 24 February, our services to and from Russia are maintained. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your local MSC representatives