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Move your cargo more effectively with MSC's European Short Sea services

Why partner with MSC in Europe?

Unlock the following seven key benefits by partnering with MSC for your sea transport needs.
Receive expert support
Our dedicated local teams provide specialist advice and support, backed by in-depth local knowledge and experience in every sector, from food, beverages and pharmaceuticals to construction.
Reduce your carbon footprint
Transporting freight by sea provides a greener alternative to conventional, overland transport with significantly smaller CO2 emissions per tonne/kilometre. One vessel can remove as many as 700 truckloads from European roads, enabling you to make a valuable contribution to road safety and working conditions as well as your emission footprint.
Expand your capacity
Our multimodal solutions enable you to ship higher volumes than traditional truck transport and can be adapted quickly and easily to meet fluctuations in demand. You can also combine our intra-European and Short Sea services with our intercontinental, deep-sea network to reach destinations all over the world.
Keep your cargo safe
Your cargo is in safe hands with MSC. We store goods in modern, secure containers, make minimal stops, and keep containers locked and sealed throughout their journey. Containers are less accessible at sea than on the road, reducing the risk of theft, damage or contamination.
Increase your flexibility
You decide where and when your cargo is loaded and delivered. We understand that your needs may vary according to customer demand or other factors, and we have the resources to react quickly to these changes. Safe storage options at the departure or arrival port are available if necessary.
Move your cargo quickly
When it comes to delivering your products, we know that time is of the essence. That’s why we make every effort to find the fastest possible route, leveraging our extensive intermodal system to optimise transit times.
Save costs
Thanks to the scale of our operations and our wide-reaching network, we can offer competitive prices. Our flexible, customised solutions are adapted to your specific requirements, helping you save costs and keep your business moving.

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