MSC Connecting African Cocoa to the World


MSC Connecting African Cocoa to the World


Looking for a reliable supply chain partner to support you during the cocoa season? Find our more and get in touch with our Cocoa Experts. 


Our global network connects the West Africa region to key importing countries around the world. Countries in Europe, North America, and East Asia, all have a desire for cocoa. And African cocoa amounts to more than 80% of what is produced globally – with more than 60% of global production coming from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana!


The solutions that we can offer enable a wide range of options for loading locations and final destinations. Alongside this, we have an extensive intermodal network offering seamless door-to-door deliveries  in order to meet you anywhere. Furthermore, our digital solutions such as eBLs make the process smooth for everyone.


As a market leader, we know that it’s critically important to have a holistic package for our customers. We are proud to be able to offer:

  • Dedicated teams with local knowledge and cocoa expertise
  • Tailored logistics solutions based on customer needs
  • Regular trade services with reliable transit times
  • 24/7 container availability
  • Our own terminals in essential locations
  • San Pedro (TSP - Terminal San Pedro), Ivory Coast
  • Lomé (Lomé Container Terminal), Togo
  • Key services such as intermodal transport,  or digital solutions such as eBLs

The journey from farm to destination requires care, attention to detail, and dedication. Our teams know each step that goes into the process and strive to provide the most complete service we can. Every cargo journey is an opportunity for us to meet, and exceed, customer expectations and needs – and we look forward to helping you with yours. 


To discover all our cocoa-transport solutions, we invite you to visit our page

Wider information about our intermodal solutions as well as our eBL options can be found on the MSC website, at and