Celebrating Coffee Culture: Ensuring Quality Transport and Unmatched Support with MSC


Celebrating Coffee Culture: Ensuring Quality Transport and Unmatched Support with MSC


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Besides being an indispensable aspect of many individuals' daily routines, coffee beans play a crucial role in the economies of various countries worldwide, necessitating meticulous care from cultivation to consumption.

Operating in 155 countries and key ports globally, MSC possesses extensive expertise in catering to the unique demands of the coffee industry, ensuring the secure shipment of beans across international waters and enabling the daily enjoyment of thousands of cups of coffee worldwide.

As the coffee season comes alive in Latin American countries, MSC redoubles its dedication to providing unparalleled service, industry-tailored solutions, preserving the invigorating aroma and unparalleled freshness that define the most renowned coffee exports globally.

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Highly anticipated events such as SINTERCAFE in Costa Rica, drawing experts from neighboring countries like Nicaragua and Honduras; as well as commodity conferences, like Cumbre Cafetera in Colombia. All set to celebrate the rich coffee culture in these regions, the importance of preserving the essence and quality of coffee beans during transportation becomes paramount.

By selecting MSC, our valued customers in the coffee industry can relish a host of advantages, including:

  • Customized customer support tailored to the unique requirements of the coffee trade,
  • Smooth transit schedules, even amidst peak periods,
  • Robust intermodal options for comprehensive logistical support,
  • Extensive availability of equipment tailored to the specific needs of coffee transport,
  • Ample onboard vessel space for enhanced capacity during transit.


At MSC, we prioritize the distinctive needs of the coffee sector, shaping our services through our profound understanding of transport solutions, ensuring that every batch of coffee beans receives specialized attention and care throughout its journey with us and beyond.

To learn more about our coffee-related services, please visit msc.com/coffee or reach out to your local MSC representative.