MSC, Your Partner in Transporting Tea


MSC, Your Partner in Transporting Tea


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Tea is the second most popular drink in the world – behind regular water. Some estimates say that up to 20 billion cups of tea are consumed daily around the world. That’s a lot of tea! Globally, China is the largest producer of tea, followed by India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. Kenya is by far the largest exporter of tea on the African continent. The most popular exports include black tea, green tea, and oolong. Unsurprisingly, as these countries are such large exporters of tea, it is a key resource for the economy. 

We operate in these markets as a major market transporter of tea and consider it an integral piece of our services in the region, supporting both intra-Africa and international trade. With high connectivity to key tea importing destinations such as Pakistan, Egypt, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and the United States, we are well equipped to match your tea transit needs.  

Working together with our subsidiaries and partners, we operate door-to-door intermodal solutions with dedicated depots and warehouses along the way, ensuring the best conditions possible and maintaining the integrity of the leaves.   

Our teams have accumulated both local experience and commodity specific expertise in how to handle goods, along with a comprehensive knowledge of global port operations.  

Our deep knowledge of the value chain around tea coupled with local expertise and intermodal networks make us the perfect transportation partner. We work with our customers to provide a variety of options that cover the full process until the cargo reaches its destination. 

Our key strengths are: 

  • Dedicated teams across the globe to ensure client needs are met

  • Dedicated ports of calls 

  • Regular trade services from Mombasa, Colombo, Alexandria, and other key tea transit hubs to key destinations around the world

  • Fast and reliable transit times

  • 24/7 food-grade and heavy-duty container availability for all export requirements


We understand that every step of the voyage from start to finish is critical, and our experienced and knowledgeable teams ensure the transportation process goes smoothly.  

To find out more about tea transportation, visit our page at, or contact your local MSC representative.