MSC Launches New Rail Service from Trieste to Ludwigshafen


MSC Launches New Rail Service from Trieste to Ludwigshafen


As a leader in shipping and logistics, MSC is constantly developing its service offering through investments in cargo-related business activities worldwide. 

MSC is pleased to announce the launch of a new, direct rail service connecting Trieste, Italy and Ludwigshafen, Germany available from 10 September 2021, designed to improve rail capacity and reduce transit time between Türkiye and Germany to an estimated 12 days. 

MSC’s new multimodal solution offers an efficient route from Turkish ports (Istanbul, Tekirdag, Gemlik, Derince on the ADRIAKIA Service and Mersin, Izmir (Aliaga) on the LINE D Service) to the Ludwigshafen industrial zone in Germany, enabling a fast and reliable alternative to road-only haulage. 

“Space availability on existing rail services is limited compared to existing and potential volumes moving particularly from Türkiye to Germany,” says Cem Kurtuldu, Business Development and Project Specialist for MSC Türkiye. “This service will improve reliability for our customers and, thanks to MSC’s intermodal investments within Germany, we can provide an expedited and secure door-to-door service between the two destinations.” 

The service is designed to offer customers transporting auto-parts, chemicals, textiles, packaging, food, pharmaceuticals and many other commodities expedited transit times between Türkiye and Germany. Ludwigshafen’s strategic position on the Rhine, with easy access to Frankfurt and Stuttgart and its importance as a centre for commerce make it an ideal location for both local goods distribution and access to the wider Northern European market. In addition, Trieste is an important Adriatic hub for both European and global trade, rendering the new rail link invaluable for accelerated movement of goods to and from the continent. 

Luca Russo, Trade Manager for the Adriatic Region for MSC added: “Ludwigshafen has always been a popular destination for cargo from Türkiye, as it is such an important industrial hub. While this service was created to support this vital connection between Germany and Türkiye, our multimodal options from Trieste will also enable us to serve a wide range of origins and destinations both in the Mediterranean and for our global trade routes.”  

The weekly service will depart from Trieste each Thursday, arriving in Ludwigshafen each Saturday. 

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