Shipping Watermelons and Melons from Panama Made Easy with MSC


Watermelon.jpgOne of Panama’s main export products are watermelons and melons. The country is mostly known for its yellow honeydew melons, as well as watermelons with seeds and seedless. Toad skin melons, also referred to as “Santa Claus melons” for their long-keeping qualities - until Christmas, as the name suggests - are also produced in Panama. The country mostly exports its watermelon and melon production to Europe, primarily to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Highly perishable fruits require a reliable partner, who understands the complexities of shipping refrigerated cargo over long distances and can be trusted to offer fast end-to-end services that connect Panama with the European continent. MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, a world leader in container shipping, has operated in Panama for 11 years.

Coinciding with the approaching Panamanian watermelon and melon season, which starts in February and will last until April 2021, with a peak around the month of March, MSC is launching a special commodity-focused campaign.

Why choose MSC for your Panamanians watermelons and melons?

Our global coverage of maritime and intermodal services, combined with our experience in the transport and care of perishable cargo, are the perfect combination for exporters looking for fast and reliable services that connect Panama with the trade centres in Europe.

Every single shipment we organise receives the highest level of care and our teams are trained regularly on all the latest standards and processes to meet the evolving requirements of our customers, ensuring our business partners receive the assistance they require throughout the entirety of the export process.

Our services include:

  • 5 departures per week with fastest transit times to Europe
  • Container and vessel availability during peak season
  • Reefer expert teams to ensure smooth and steady door-to-door operations enhanced by multimodal transportation and handling services

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