MSC to Give Keynote Address at Decarbonizing Shipping Virtual Forum 2020


MSC to Give Keynote Address at Decarbonizing Shipping Virtual Forum 2020


Bud Darr, Executive Vice President Maritime Policy and Government Affairs, MSC Group, will explore future fuels and technologies in the opening keynote at Decarbonizing Shipping Forum on 15 December. MSC, as the lead sponsor, invites everyone to register on the event website to follow the discussion online.

In his keynote address, Bud will explain the current options available on the market and why alternative fuel options and technologies are needed in order to make a lasting impact and reach the ambitious goals to decarbonise shipping. The event offers an interactive virtual platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to decarbonising shipping, as well as an option to network with industry peers.

Climate change is a global issue that requires global solutions. Shipping industry, which is already a very heavily regulated industry, is facing increasing pressure to reduce emissions. Container shipping is the backbone of global trade and also the most environmentally-friendly form of mass cargo transportation.

Across the value chain a range of stakeholders from policy makers to ship owners and fuel suppliers are exploring solutions to meet the decarbonisation targets set by the UN IMO. A huge investment in R&D is needed to bring viable, scalable solutions to the market for shipowners to use.

MSC has invested heavily in energy and operational efficiency and is running the largest container ship investment programme in the industry. In addition, the company is actively exploring and trialling a range of alternative fuels and technologies to accelerate decarbonisation.