MSC Enhances Connection Between Asia and Pacific West Coast


MSC Enhances Connection Between Asia and Pacific West Coast


In order to respond to the current challenging market conditions impacting port activities and schedule reliability, MSC has decided to streamline its Santana service by removing the Vancouver call, providing an exclusive Pacific South West coverage into Los Angeles, on this service.

Meanwhile, to continue serving Vancouver, MSC will launch the Chinook service, offering direct connection between China, South Korea and Vancouver, Canada. This new service complements the Santana, giving MSC the possibility to offer further options to its customers.

The Chinook service will start its rotation in China with the MSC Margarita voyage UK052A, ETA Yantian on 22 December 2020. 

The two services will have the following rotations:

Santana:  Yantian – Shanghai – Los Angeles – Yantian


Chinook:  Yantian – Shanghai – Busan – Vancouver – Yantian


Full details of the Transpacific network please visit our dedicated East-West Network page.  

For any question regarding this new service, please contact your local MSC representative.