MSC Mexico Celebrates 20th Anniversary


MSC Mexico Celebrates 20th Anniversary


The representative office of Mexico celebrated the 20th anniversary of its operations on 9 November, in a dinner attended by hundreds of clients that continued late into the evening.

Some 900 people, including 160 MSC Mexico employees, attended the event entitled “Celebrating our heritage, preparing a bright future” at the Colegio Vizcainas in central Mexico City.

“It is really exciting to be able to celebrate together with our office staff, with our clients who have been supporting us, with our service providers in all the Mexican ports, on the rail and on the road,” Eduard Sigrist, President of MSC Mexico, said in a speech.

“And not to forget the cooperation with all the ports, government officials in customs and via the many regulatory bodies and ministries during 20 hardworking years of MSC Mexico.”

The importance of people

MSC Mexico started in 1998 with seven employees and a small feeder vessel in the port of Veracruz. It now employs 250 people, operates 130 vessels a month in the country’s seven largest ports, and has doubled volumes in the last seven years.

“This great performance is all thanks to you, our customers – who made these important figures possible,” Sigrist said, stressing the role of the MSC Values in motivating, training and developing employees professionally.

Motivation also comes from working daily with customers, who benefit from using MSC as a one-stop shop, serving their needs to transport goods on sea and land. For that, the breadth of the network is important as is investment in technology such as smart containers, but above all is the expertise and care of MSC’s people.

That shows how important it is to continue investing in and creating new talent, because assets depreciate in value but people appreciate.

The event included Operation Smile Mexico, a non-profit medical organisation that provides cleft lip and palate repair surgery for children, as well as working to reduce their occurrence. For more on Operation Smile