MSC Displays Reefer Expertise at Technical Workshop in Valencia


MSC Displays Reefer Expertise at Technical Workshop in Valencia


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, a global leader in transportation and logistics, hosted more than 80 guests for a technical reefer workshop about the transportation of fruit at its offices in Valencia.

The gathering drew a variety of people including MSC’s customers, major Spanish fruit and vegetable exporters, technicians, health inspectors and MSC staff.

Led by Julio Nestar, MSC’s Reefer Manager in Spain, and Antonino Ferraiolo, a reefer expert from MSC’s head office in Geneva, the workshop assessed recent developments in the Asian market and the new business opportunities created by controlled atmosphere systems, among other topics

Nestar and Ferraiolo explained MSC’s services between Europe and Asia, including the application of cold treatment, a procedure to eliminate pests and avoid them spreading to other locations, and all the advantages that MSC provides to exporters dealing with these delicate products.

Oliver Huesmann, from Fruit Consulting Hong Kong, also made a presentation about Asian market opportunities.

MSC believes in applying the latest technologies to guarantee the success of fruit transportation in perfect conditions, whatever the destination, and has relationships with a number of suppliers of controlled atmosphere systems worldwide.

Representatives of one of these suppliers, Sanjay Savor and Jascha Kraaipoel of Maxtend, gave details about how their products extend the shelf-life of agricultural products destined for new markets with high demand.

The workshop closed with a technical demonstration of a reefer container by Carlos Monzonis, from Setemar, and Raul Servan, from Depot Zona Franca Algeciras.

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