Keeping the propeller turning


Keeping the propeller turning


Remaining true to MSC’s business mission of facilitating global trade through the movement of containers by land and sea, the two-centred ship management operation ensures the highest technical standards and a first-rate commitment to safety and punctuality.

Mr.Nicolas Petroyannis, who heads up Ship Management from MSC Geneva, explains: “We like to say that Ship Management is the art and science of keeping the propeller turning.

“At the end of 2016, Ship Management Cyprus is looking forward to celebrating its 200th ship, thanks to large new building program as well as MSC’s acquisition of second hand tonnage.”

Regarded as the most critical part of the operation is MSC’s people. The company is among the few shipping lines to manage its own proprietary crew, believing that to source subcontractors makes for a more precarious situation which is less favourable to customers.

MSC  has always recognised the advantage of managing crewmembers as full time MSC employees with a clear career path. MSC operates its very own crew training centers in the Far East, India, Ukraine and Russia, where crewmembers are selected and trained by MSC Ship Management. 

Mr. Aponte’s philosophy on hiring crew members to be part of the “family” means that MSC benefits from the highest crew retention rate in the industry (97% for Cyprus). “People working for us on board vessels or ashore grow their professional competence much faster than our competitors, thanks to our hands-on approach and round the clock support in finding solutions,” explains Prabhat Jha, Group Managing Director of Ship Management Cyprus. “This is certainly what attracts them to MSC.”

MSC Cyprus managed vessels Port State Control (PSC) performance rankings stand far ahead of the competition and offer a very good quality indicator for customers. 

Prabhat’s team is understandably proud of its role in the delivery of superb staff performance and client delivery, working closely with MSC’s senior management and remaining closely aligned with the principles and values set by Mr Aponte over 40 years ago.

Did you know?

MSC’s Ship Management is a two-Centre business activity located in both Cyprus (150 ships) and Sorrento (100 ships)

  • Limassol, Cyprus manages 6,500 employees on the ships and 250 on shore
  • Sorrento, Italy manages almost 3,000 employees on the ships and 121 on shore

MSC has one of the youngest and greenest fleets among the world’s leading shipping lines

  • Almost half of our fleet is less than 10 years old and two thirds less than 15 years old
  • New, larger capacity vessels offer less CO2  per container shipped which makes for improved environmental performance

MSC makes every effort to produce cost efficient and eco-friendly vessels

  • New energy-efficient engines and anti-fouling hull paint solutions contribute to lower CO2 emissions

MSC Ship Management Cyprus was recently awarded ISO 26000 standard in recognition of its compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility principles