North Continent and ScanBaltic to Israel

Dear Valued Customers

As from 11th April 2017 until further notice but not beyond the 30th of April 2017.

In view of the strong demand and in order to keep serving the trade to the required level, MSC (MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY, Geneva) is announcing the following freight rates:


  • The above Rates are inclusive of the Base Rate (i.e. ocean freight rate) and Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) if any;
    • The above Rates are also subject to:
      Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven            
      USD 33/20 DV / RE-  USD 66/40 DV-HC – RE/HR
      Gdynia, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Kotka, Rauma                
      USD 70/20 DV / RE -  USD 140/40 DV-HC – RE/HR
    • CGS (Congestion Surcharge):
      USD 19/20 DV / RE-  USD 38/40 DV-HC – RE / HR
    • WRS (War Risk Surcharge): USD 9/20 DV / RE -  USD 18/40 DV-HC – RE/ HR
  • Antwerp :  EUR 11 / CONTAINER
  • Rotterdam EUR 16.5 / CONTAINER
  • Hamburg / Bremerhaven : EUR 17 / CONTAINER
  • Gdynia :  EUR 15 / CONTAINER
  • Gothenburg / Helsinki / Kotka / Rauma :  EUR 9 / CONTAINER
  • FAK excludes all IMO Category commodities and high value commodities.
  • Local and contingency charges may also apply, for further information please contact your MSC local agent.
  • Please contact your MSC local agent for queries related to commodities not included in FAK rates, port pairs, or specific equipment or other pricing information not included in this Price Announcement.
  • MSC Agencies’ standard terms and conditions apply including MSC’s standard Bill of Lading, see Unless otherwise specified in MSC agencies’ standard terms and conditions, MSC shall allow 3 days’ free time to collect and return the container.
  • For Price Items that are accessible only by a link from this Price Announcement, the price of the Item may change. Therefore, you must check the Price of the linked item on the same day that you contact your MSC Local Agent for a quotation.