Exploring Peru’s Fruit Packing Facilities 


Exploring Peru’s Fruit Packing Facilities 


From pulpy grapes, nutrient-dense blueberries and tangy mandarins to healthy avocados, exotic mangoes and sweet bananas, the global demand for fresh, high-quality fruit continues to soar. Superfoods like blueberries and avocados are particularly sought after for their health benefits and rich nutrient content. With their vibrant colours and zesty flavours, these fragile commodities demand careful preparation and packaging processes to maintain their integrity and freshness.

To ensure consumers receive nothing short of perfection, fruit packing facilities have emerged as the essential bridge between the field and the kitchen table. MSC Peru stands out in this industry, with their advanced facilities proving to be indispensable in the fruit supply chain. These specialized facilities sort, grade, clean, pack and process goods before efficiently distributing them. As indispensable steppingstones in Peru’s agricultural supply chain, packing houses are key to the efficient processing and quality assurance of your goods.

Fruit packing facilities help to minimize waste and contribute to environmental sustainability. While also supporting supply chain efficiency, fostering positive customer experiences, and giving your fruity freight a competitive edge in the market.

  • Handled by an experienced workforce of fruit shipping specialists.
  • Meticulously inspected and maintained through rigorous quality control measures to ensure quality, freshness and food safety.
  • Efficiently processed, packed and distributed for greater cost-savings and customer satisfaction.
  • Processed by cutting-edge technology for greater operational efficiency and transparency throughout your supply chain.
  • Afforded the tailored, customized solutions your business needs.
  • Packed and shipped with a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

These state-of-the-art facilities can help to establish your business in the competitive market by building a reputation for quality and efficiency.

Packed with Flavour: Why Packing is Important for Fruit Shipping

Efficient packing is essential for these sensitive goods. Using the appropriate materials, handling processes, storage solutions and temperature controls help to ensure fruit shipments reach their destination in optimal condition. Proper fruit packing solutions prevent spoilage and damage, and by extension minimize waste and ensure customer satisfaction.

Core functions & output

Packing facilities are primarily focused on preparing goods for shipment. Equipped with specialized machinery, they are dedicated to the efficient and accurate processing of goods, ensuring items are inspected and repackaged before they are distributed to consumers.

Warehouses, however, are primarily focused on storing goods before shipment. With minimal processing equipment, they focus on efficient storage, inventory management and order fulfilment.

Zestful operations

The main task of packing houses in the fruit industry is to receive goods and prepare them for shipment. They do this by sorting, grading, cleaning, packaging, and labelling items. In the context of fruit packing, this may include activities like slicing, juicing or peeling goods before packaging them into retail-friendly and consumer-ready containers.

Warehouse activities include receiving goods, storing them securely, managing inventory levels, picking, and packing orders and some basic quality control checks.

Peelers and packers, equipment & resources

Packing facilities and warehouses also differ in their equipment needs and infrastructure. Packing houses are equipped with an array of specialized machinery and resources to facilitate the smooth and efficient processing of goods. Sorting and grading systems, workstations, washers, labelling machines, and packaging materials like bubble wrap, boxes, and tape are essential components in packing facility operations.

Warehouses are equipped with racks, shelves, pallets, forklifts, AGVs, cranes and equipment needed to facilitate the efficient storage of goods. Their layout is designed to prioritize the efficient movement of goods while also maximizing storage space.

Ensuring your Fruit Shipment is Fresh and Ready: MSC Peru Packing Facility Benefits

Using MSC Peru’s packing facility when shipping fruit can offer you and your customers a myriad of benefits.

Unparalleled efficiency and speed

Businesses that use MSC Peru’s packing facility for their fruit exports can benefit from greater efficiency and speed. Specialized machinery and streamlined processes can help to inspect, sort, clean and package your goods quicker, resulting in faster turn-around times and greater customer satisfaction. In addition, reduced packing and distribution times can translate to cost-savings, allowing your business to allocate resources to other initiatives.

Tailored and flexible services

Our packing facility in Peru also offers businesses tailored packaging solutions, customizing the process to meet the requirements of the individual product, business, industry, or customer base. These bespoke solutions offer a range of options to meet the needs of the agricultural sector. These may include tailored protective materials, adjustable or modular packing options, bespoke packaging design, branding, or marketing incorporation and fruit processing services.

These customizable solutions ensure your packaging causes minimal waste, is cost efficient and sustainable. Additionally, they give businesses who need greater flexibility the ability to adapt quickly to market demands, changing customer preferences or product specifications. Ultimately, they give you a competitive advantage and ensure customer satisfaction.


Guaranteed food safety and staff training

Our packing plant in Peru upholds rigorous standards for food safety, hygiene, and quality control. We hold certifications for ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and ‘Good Manufacturing Practise’ (GMP) to ensure compliance with industry standards. Our staff also receive specialized training to maintain these exceptional standards. This means that you can rest assured that your produce not only meets regulatory requirements but exceeds them. Ensuring you deliver an exceptional experience to your customers who can trust in the safety and integrity of your produce.

Automated sorting, grading and cleaning systems

Among these technologies, automated sorting and grading systems sort your fruit based on colour, size, and ripeness while cleaning systems remove dirt and debris to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your goods. These systems ensure your fruit cargo meets consistently high standards while also minimising time-consuming manual processes, labour costs and human error.


Temperature and humidity control

Cold storage facilities to safeguard your produce from temperature and humidity fluctuations, ensuring your goods retain their freshness and high quality while also protecting them from spoilage and extending their shelf life.


Packaging machinery

Automatic packaging equipment, such as fillers, sealers and labelling machines to efficiently prepare your cargo for shipment, as well as automated palletizing and handling systems to further optimize operational processes. These streamlined and automated processes help to ensure your goods are packed and shipped quickly and reliably.


Traceability systems

Our facility also offers you benefits from cutting edge tracing and RFID systems. These allow you to track and trace your fruit throughout the packing process, enabling you to make real-time decisions about your cargo. This transparency and accountability throughout each step of the packing process ensures you can feel confident and informed about the quality and handling of your fruit exports.

Not only do these quality control measures help to safeguard your produce, but also foster a positive brand reputation, and drive further growth and success. Additionally quality control software and remote monitoring systems provide real-time insights into operations and allow for informed decision-making.

Pack a Punch in Peru: Fruit Shipping with MSC

Fruit packing facilities are essential bridges between the producer and consumer. Our facility in Peru ensures your produce reaches its destinations fresh, intact, and high-quality, while also improving your operational efficiency, reducing waste, and ensuring your customers consistently experience your brand at its best.

At MSC Peru, our decades of experience and expertise, we will ensure your supply chain runs uninterrupted and your produce reaches its destination in the best condition.

Contact us today to find out more.

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