Enhancing your Flexibility and Continuity with Global Port Coverage


Enhancing your Flexibility and Continuity with Global Port Coverage


As a manufacturer, importer or exporter it’s vital that your products can reach your customers whenever and wherever they need them. Providing reliable deliveries to your customers is the easiest way to build a strong reputation for your company, and ensure you continue to get new and returning business.

The shipping process is rarely as smooth as expected, and unexpected turbulence may mean that sometimes one or more of the places involved in your supply chain needs to change. If, for example, a huge socio-economic crisis occurs in one area of the world, discharge ports in that particular region may become particularly congested. Subsequently, ships expecting to discharge in that port will be delayed due to having to wait for the vessels arriving before to berth, discharge, load, and leave. These hold-ups can mean that deadlines for that particular cargo may be missed, or, depending on the type of shipment the cargo onboard may spoil.

While these scenarios may seem unavoidable at times, you can mitigate the risks when shipping internationally by working with a transportation company which offers global port coverage to their customers.

In instances where the original port of discharge becomes congested, it is important to have alternative solutions that ensure your cargo still reaches the final destination despite the difficult conditions. When it comes to cargo shipping in international ports, you need a shipping partner who can offer you dedicated support whenever you need it.

However, working with a shipping partner who has global port connections enables you to become more flexible with your approach to international exports.

Not only does this help you to build a positive image as a reliable company on an international scale, but also grows your business globally. The kind of global coverage and flexible solutions offered by MSC ensures you’ll always be able to follow where the demand is, no matter where in the world your customers are. We are always creating new trade routes and upgrading our existing ones to ensure that you can be flexible in how you approach international shipping.

Which country has the largest global port?

The port of Shanghai in China is the largest global port, overtaking the port in Singapore in 2010.

This includes the Northeast and Northwest Passages on environmental grounds.

However, thanks to our connections with a vast number of ports across the globe, we are still able to offer our customers international shipping opportunities without jeopardising the environment. As a business, we’re doing our part for the planet, and partnering with us means you will be as well.

Geopolitics and the importance of worldwide port coverage

Businesses that ship internationally will be well aware of the potential that geopolitics has to disrupt maritime trade. Global regulations, such as those put in place to reduce the causes of climate change can have a major financial impact on businesses, as well as cause problems throughout the supply chain.

Our team is constantly monitoring international developments and are on-hand 24/7 to offer advice and help provide dedicated solutions to help you overcome any problems caused by new rules or regulations.


Whether you are targeting small or big markets, remote or busy areas, it is important that your carrier reaches them in the most efficient way. Thanks to our global port coverage, our experts have the knowledge and experience to read the conditions, understand your requirements, and design the most suitable solution for your business.

Contact us today to explore how MSC’s full range of shipping and transportation solutions could be beneficial for your business.

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