Why Certifications Matter for your Business


Why Certifications Matter for your Business


Businesses need to bridge continents and cultures in a fast and reliable manner, and working with certified companies like MSC is a fantastic way to do that. Achieving ISO certification is ensuring that proper processes and due diligence are being followed. These certifications also help us to build strong relationships between us and our customers, who know we are compliant with all ISO standards that are important to them and their business.

The main pillars we are certified in are:

  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental (ISO 14001)
  • Health and safety (ISO 45001)

Our compliance with the various ISO quality and sustainability standards demonstrates our commitment to following best practices.

Being recognized as compliant with energy management certification standards is highly important as part of our commitment to continually improving our environmental footprint.

Why are ISO certifications important? 

Certain aspects of the shipping, logistics, and transportation process must comply with standard rules and conventions to keep the cargo, the ships, and the seafarers safe. With this, comes the frequent monitoring and commitment to redressing any environmental impact that may occur during this process. Achieving ISO certification recognises that these standards and commitments have been met by MSC.

But for our team, it goes beyond this. We are committed to our customers and providing the best services and solutions to meet their needs. What matters to our customers matters to us, which is why we are certified for additional ISO standards such as ISO 28000 and ISO 22000.

ISO 28000 is a security management system certification, which focuses on all aspects that are critical to managing and assuring supply chain security risks. Achieving ISO 28000 certification provides reassurance for our customers that all aspects of our supply chain, from transportation to storage and warehousing are secure.

ISO 22000 is a food safety management system certification. Achieving this ISO standard recognises that our investment into newer equipment, the IT tools deployed on vessels, ports and offices, the temperature mapping of the TCU equipment, and the yearly program of Calibration verification of the TCU sensor has been successful in ensuring the safety of all cargo relevant to the food industry.

Ultimately, ISO certifications are recognition that the various management and monitoring systems implemented by MSC across the business are being planned, executed, and monitored to the highest standards. All of this ensures that the services and solutions we carry out for our clients are being delivered to the premium industry standards.

What certifications should a shipper look for?

When looking at a transportation, logistics, and shipping companies to work with, shippers should consider which ISO standards are relevant to their market, and which companies have achieved these standards.


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