MSC Signs Global Declaration of Intent Against Counterfeiting


MSC Signs Global Declaration of Intent Against Counterfeiting


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is pleased to announce that it has signed an official declaration, designed to prevent the maritime transportation of counterfeit goods.

The declaration is the work of the International Chamber of Commerce, which launched the Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) in 2004.

BASCAP’s mission is to encourage government action and to enhance the campaigning voice of businesses and industries who see the social and economic harm caused by counterfeiting on a global level.

MSC is pleased to become a signatory of the formal declaration, and to make public its ‘zero tolerance’ attitude toward the carriage of counterfeit products.

The voluntary statement also asserts that MSC shall exercise due diligence in its customer processes, utilise early-warning indicators to spot unacceptable goods, raise awareness of the issue and maintain a programme of training.

Pasquale Formisano said: “MSC has always held very strong views concerning the transportation of counterfeit goods and has tried hard to ensure that no customer is involved in such activity within our supply chain.

“Signing this declaration is further confirmation of our attitude toward such practices, and of our determination to work consistently with our peers and the appropriate customs authorities toward eradicating counterfeiting and piracy from maritime transportation.”