MSC Paper Logistics Expert to Speak at PPI Transport Symposium


MSC Paper Logistics Expert to Speak at PPI Transport Symposium


Come and get the expert perspective on the forest products transport market at the PPI Transport Symposium, including the MSC view on the global market for pulp, paper and forest products.

The world’s demand for pulp, paper and forest products remains exceptionally high, despite the rise of electronic communications – whether prime paper, paperboard or pulp. With the shift from breakbulk to containers, MSC is a market leader, providing a fast, flexible and efficient service across all trade lanes, which is crucial for the paper and forest products industry.

At the PPI Transport Symposium, held 16-18 September in Tarragona, Spain, Laurent Van Der Voo, MSC Brazil Commercial Director and a paper specialist, will take part in a panel discussion at the event.

In the discussion, entitled “Managing Aging Fleets: Are Existing Carriers Opening Themselves up to Competition”, Laurent will touch on how containers have turned out to be a solution for forest product producers.

MSC has long-established experience and expertise, connecting the world’s leading mills with major global consumer markets. BreakBulk services remain the major shipping solution for the pulp industry, but over time the container sector has adapted itself to fit the forest product market. Container carriers offer higher frequency, wider network and easier handling providing a safe and reliable alternative for the market.

Capacity and capabilities

PPI Transport Symposium is the leading conference and exhibition for the global forest products logistics industry, bringing together colleagues, business prospects and industry experts involved in the transport, handling, warehousing, and distribution of forest products.

MSC is proud to be one of the world’s largest carriers of recyclable paper, and our customers benefit from our outstanding port coverage in key trade lanes with some 520 vessels offering fast transit times over 200 global sea routes and 500 ports of call. Furthermore, with a network of 493 agency offices around the world, we offer outstanding intermodal options for land-side transportation.

Our service is about much more than scale and numbers, though, and our experts provide customers in paper and forest products industry with wide-ranging, product-specific knowledge and extensive equipment inventory.

Join us at the PPI Transport Symposium to hear more about how MSC’s capacity, capabilities and know-how can help you meet your business goals.

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