MSC and Abu Dhabi Ports explore international blockchain solution


MSC and Abu Dhabi Ports explore international blockchain solution


MSC has undertaken a number of experimental blockchain projects to explore the potential uses of this technology across its business. The latest milestone is an initiative with Abu Dhabi Ports as announced by our partner in October 2018.

Maqta Gateway, an Abu Dhabi Ports subsidiary, is now carrying out pilot testing of the international blockchain solution Silsal in partnership with MSC. The project will test the capabilities of the technology to exchange, identify, and acknowledge cargo documents and certificates between Abu Dhabi Ports and other port operators.

“This innovative pilot project may help pave the way for improved documentation flows and streamline supply chains for companies,” said Andre Simha, Chief Information Officer of MSC. “As a major carrier, we welcome new partnerships which may reduce delays, improve inventory management, and identify issues faster, resulting in significant cost savings for all parties involved.”

While blockchain has become something of a buzzword in many industries, sending goods between continents can of course involve multiple organizations and many hundreds of different communications, which can result in delays, misunderstandings and other complications. These are among the types of issues that blockchain can perhaps help address.