CEO of MSC Shipmanagement to Address Digitalization, Marine HR at CrewConnect Global


CEO of MSC Shipmanagement to Address Digitalization, Marine HR at CrewConnect Global


The 20th anniversary of CrewConnect Global, which aims to improve the lives, education and wellbeing of seafarers around the world, runs November 5-7 in Manila, the Philippines. Prabhat Jha will speak at a session entitled The ROI of Digital Investment: Measuring the impact of Digital Transformation on Crew Operations, on Tuesday November 6.

On the same day, Prabhat Jha will also take part in a panel on The State of the Union in Marine HR, which will consider Company culture, values and people, internal mobility, the use predictive analytics for HR decision-making and new recruitment technology.

“Smart containerization is there and for crew, it gradually means advantages in terms of safety and time as there will be fewer manual operations, plus these will be more targeted,” says Prabhat Jha.

Investing in new technologies

MSC is accelerating the deployment of TRAXENS devices – turning a container into a smart, connected object which collects and transmits real-time data on its position and movements – to its fleet, with some 50,000 extra installations planed over the coming months.

MSC also has an advanced automatic data acquisition system, using classification society RINA’s InfoSHIP Energy Governance (EGO) software, which enables the closer monitoring of vessel operations and to take appropriate measures for fuel efficiency.

At the same time MSC has been informing and educating its workforce to understand how to recognise and use smart container devices. MSC has been investing significantly in the career skills of seafarers, creating a culture of training and development, which contributes to a 98% crew retention rate. Part of that is that our people believe that once they have been trained, it is their responsibility to train other people.

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