The World Has Fallen for Quinoa. We Ensure Its Safe Transit to The Table


The World Has Fallen for Quinoa. We Ensure Its Safe Transit to The Table


It wasn’t so long ago that the grain quinoa would have been ignored by the majority of the western world, and certainly regarded as no more than a lesser cousin to the likes of rice, pasta and potato at the average dinner table.

Today, however, much has changed, and quinoa takes its position as a trendy health food, popular in restaurants and homes all over the globe.

This has been great news for Bolivia, where the economy has seen a huge boost from the ‘trendier’ status of this humble foodstuff.

MSC is proud to be playing a vital role in supporting the community of Bolivian farmers who are now able to make a positive gain from the grain’s worldwide demand.

In fact, now the leading carrier of Quinoa in the country, we’ve been operating in Bolivia for more than 16 years and in 2016 we were responsible for shipping more than 34.000 tons of the product.

We are able to serve our export customers by providing:

  • Fast and reliable services to the main quinoa markets
  • A fleet of over 4000 TEU capacity
  • Four depots in the main cities of Bolivia
  • Exceptional experience and expertise with this commodity
  • Personalised customer service

In addition to this, we can offer extended vessel cut-off and late arrival service, and a highly competitive pre-carriage service, in conjunction with a well-developed intermodal offering.

Our transit times ensure harvested quinoa will typically arrive in USA in less than 30 days, and in Europe within 37.

For more information about our service, please take the opportunity to download our detailed product profile.

Additional queries can be directed to your MSC local office.