MAERSK ESSEN Vessel Incident on MSC's Pearl Service

Attn: customers with cargo onboard MAERSK ESSEN voyage 051N

We refer to our previous communication in respect of containers onboard the MAERSK ESSEN that were impacted and lost overboard due to heavy weather while the vessel was en route from Xiamen, China, to Los Angeles, USA.

The MAERSK ESSEN was carrying cargo for MSC customers as part of our Pearl service.

The preliminary advice from Maersk suggested that a limited number of containers were damaged and lost at sea. Unfortunately, we have since been informed that the number of containers is higher than expected; approximately 700-750 containers in total are thought to have gone overboard, about half of which were carrying cargo for customers of MSC. Additionally, we understand that there are several dozen damaged MSC containers onboard the vessel.

The vessel is continuing its journey towards the port of Lazaro Cardenas where it will be inspected after berthing on or around 28/29 January. Maersk intends to discharge cargo, perform emergency repairs, then reload cargo and proceed to Los Angeles, all of which may take about two to three weeks.

The MAERSK ESSEN was originally scheduled to call at Los Angeles on 28 January, as part of the usual Pearl service port rotation: Vung Tau – Hong Kong – Yantian – Xiamen – Los Angeles.

MSC regrets any inconvenience caused by this incident and we will communicate again in due course as soon as we have updated information to pass on to you from the vessel operator.