Update on Transatlantic Network Seasonal Blank Sailing Programme

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company would like to inform customers that in order to respond to lower demand due to the increased impact of COVID-19 across Europe and the USA, we will continue our seasonal blanking programme

The temporary suspension of our NEUATL4 service will be extended to week 25.

The programme will continue with the followed omissions:

Week 21 omission – Blanking vessel WIDE BRAVO voyage 021W - ETD Antwerp 18.05.2020

Week 22 omission – Blanking vessel SPYROS voyage 022W - ETD Antwerp 25.05.2020

Week 23 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 023W - ETD Antwerp 01.06.2020

Week 24 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 024W - ETD Antwerp 08.06.2020

Week 25 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 025W - ETD Antwerp 15.06.2020

Customers may continue to place bookings with limited disruption as we are arranging a contingency plan with alternative services.

For any questions regarding these blankings, please contact your MSC local office.