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Fiyat teklifi istemek, rezervasyon yaptırmak veya lokal hizmetlerimiz hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için ekibimizle iletişime geçin


Detention, Demurrage and Port Storage

What is Demurrage and Detention?

Demurrage and detention are charges applicable, after the free time expires from the date of discharge of the container till the empty is returned to carriers facility .Gate pass is issued with valid date for client to pick the cargo from terminal .Customer cannot pick the container with an expired Gate Pass .To extend the validity it is mandatory for client to settle demurrage and validate GP till the date client wishes to clear and return the empty. 

For demurrage and related charges or dispute or any inquiries related to free time please contact us on:

What is Port Storage?

Port storage charges are  applicable, after the free time expiry, for the use of the carrier’s container (full or empty) inside the marine terminal. (Discharge from vessel till gate out from terminal).

Such charges are payable by consignee directly with terminal and MSC as a carrier is not involved.

What is Detention?

Detention charge is applicable, after the free time expires from the date of empty release till laden unit is delivered to marine terminals cy facility. 
Detention and related charges or disputes or inquiries about the free time please reach out for us on:



SOLAS VGM information for Iraq

What is VGM?

Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified.

What are the Iraqi Government Requirements?

As of now no competent authority has made any announcement pertaining to VGM implementation, tolerance limits, penalty, level of control etc.


What to include in your VGM instructions?


  • Booking or Bill of Lading number

  • Container number

  • VGM and Unit

  • Authorized person’s signatory (submitter of the VGM who may be authorized to act on behalf of shippers

  • Responsible party Name


How to submit your VGM instructions?


  • EDI (via INTTRA)

  • Fax, Emails

  • Standard Shipping Instruction signed


Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions?


  • 48 hours of ETA as per usual practice otherwise

  • VGM cut-off different from documentation cut off 24 hrs. prior vessel arrival


Admin Fees and costs

  • There are no administration charges imposed by MSC for the moment. Should there be any fees we will share with you.

  • Recommendations

  • Shipper to maintain the weighment slips issued by the vendor and present the same upon request by carrier, further to check and confirm the VGM details on the final draft confirmed to MSC and to ensure that VGM weight is same as declared in the bl instruction template already duly signed by them.

  • In case of method 2 of VGM being followed, to clearly specify the verified container weight as per packing method followed, to the carrier.

Contact information 

Prohibited cargo

It is illegal to bring the following items into or out of Iraq


• Goods may not be imported from Israel
• Alcohol, materials for making alcoholic beverages (hops, malt extracts, wine kits)
• Arms and ammunition
• Unlicensed drugs and medicines
• Explosives
• Pornographic materials
• Politically subversive materials
• Pork products
• Vehicles below model year 2020
• Motorcycles of below model year 2019 (If the more than 120khm allowed just 2021 till end of the year) If the speed for the Motorcycles less than 120khm no problem for import any model till 01.09.2021
• All kind of agriculture machinery, ambulances, construction equipment below year 2017
• Danish meat products.
• Fireworks.
• Marble (kid games) and toy guns. 
• All kind of chewing gum products.
• Milk powder from China
• Used buses with 20 seats below model year 2017
• Used truck heads model year below 2017
• Body of Used vehicles below year 2020
• Used clothes
• Importation of the industrial food products carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, juices with and without flavors, Ice cream until further notice.


List of Terminals 

MSC Serves customers from one of the main Ports in the Region, Umm Al-Qaser in Basra