MSC Renews Support for Team Malizia and A Race We Must Win movement to Accelerate Transition to Zero-Carbon Future


MSC Renews Support for Team Malizia and A Race We Must Win movement to Accelerate Transition to Zero-Carbon Future


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is proud to continue supporting Boris Herrmann and Team Malizia in their quest to excel in sailing while promoting ocean science, protection and education around the world.

MSC, a founding partner of Team Malizia, collaborates with the team to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Team Malizia’s A Race We Must Win movement aiming to increase ambition around climate action (SDG 13) as one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Responsible racing
Building on the successful four-year campaign which culminated in a fifth place in the Vendée Globe, Boris Herrmann and his team are now embarking on a new five year programme. The focus on ocean science and education remains key and the team will continue its Malizia Ocean Challenge programme that has contributed invaluable ocean data to science and reached over 45K children around the world.

Team Malizia has committed to building a new boat in order to compete on the highest level in the coming years. The new IMOCA 60 is designed to compete in 18 races across 15 countries, a highlight will be the legendary Ocean Race 2022/23 (formerly the Volvo Ocean Race). This will see a team of 5 crew members sail around the world over 9 months in a climate positive race with 10 stopovers.

Diego Aponte, President MSC Group, stated: “Climate change is a global imperative that impacts us all. At MSC, our heritage and passion for the ocean drives our desire to continue improving our environmental performance. We are actively exploring and trialling a range of alternative fuels and technologies on top of some significant energy efficiency improvements across our fleet. We believe the key to decarbonising shipping lies in strong partnerships and cross-sector information sharing. This is why we are proud to continue collaborating with like-minded partners such as Team Malizia and support A Race We Must Win movement aiming to accelerate transition to a zero-carbon future.”

“We are all together in one boat in a race against time to find solutions for the climate crisis. Therefore, we want to highlight some of the industry-solutions our partners work on, to help inspire a common vision and advocate for ever more ambitious action,” explains Boris Herrmann.

“One of the key solutions in our eyes is the advancement of new fuels on the basis of renewable energies. This topic concerns our partners from the logistics, shipping, finance and the insurance industry alike. We think that those large corporations we partner with are key players in this urgently needed transformation,” he concludes.

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